Opening Day Information from Whiteface

You’ve got to give Whiteface credit for understanding exactly what a skier would want to know and pasting it front and center on the homepage:

“Saturday December 5th Snowmakers will be working around the clock all week making snow in anticipation of our new tentative opening date Saturday December 5th. We anticipate opening Excelsior, Summit Express and Upper Valley. These trails will be serviced by the Cloudsplitter Gondola and the Little Whiteface Chair. We will be downloading via the gondola. Lift ticket prices will be $38 for adults, teens and seniors and just $25 for juniors. There will be no beginner terrain available.”


Clear information. A stated commitment to goals. This is the kind of information that destination skier can use to make plans. It looks like for the first time ever – I may open my season at Whiteface, on Sunday.

I’ve only skied there twice, but I’m committed to making the drive from North River, when it makes sense. This looks like one of those times.

One comment on “Opening Day Information from Whiteface

  1. I'm surprised by how few times you've skied at WF. I know that Gore has more varied terrain and it's closer, but I would go to a different hill more often just to mix it up, especially if it's included in your pass.

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