Snowmaking Decisions

What happened on Wednesday night was ugly. From what I understand we had between .75 and 1.5 inches of QPF (unfrozen snow). Opinions please, post in the comments section below …

The QUESTIONS are knowing what we knew on Sunday, or what you know now …

Would you have blown snow the last two nights?

Do you think there will be anything left tomorrow night?

Please indicate your home mountain.

4 comments on “Snowmaking Decisions

  1. Yes I would have blown snow… No guts, no glory.

    It's going to be pretty cool up there, not saying there wont be lots of melt, but you gotta take what you can get!


  2. Considering major resorts are potentially going into the first weekend of December without having opened for a single day yet, it would be a significant slap in the face to pass holders to not go for it and it would be a major black eye considering so many other major resorts are going for it and will likely be open despite the NCP event on Thursday.

    Though I don't think it would be worth while for the smaller and mid-sized mountains. There is no glory for such mountains and the expectation factor is not as substantial.

    My call is any mountain with 2k vert or more not open this weekend is going to upset their core base, especially if nearby and comparable areas are open. It is already at least one week past the major mountain's opening weekend. You can play games in November but in December you gotta blow every chance possible. Especially if you are not open and other areas will be open this coming weekend.

  3. Good input. No surprise to me that Steve = Passholder Advocate.

    I didn't really know what I thought when I posted the topic.

    Looking at the Whiteface webcam this morning it looks like a good call. With most of the precip done you can still see coverage at the midstation.

    Looking at Gore's webcam, oh …wait …nevermind.

    Still trying to decide whether to take Friday, or Monday off. And whether it will be Gore or Whiteface.

  4. It would be so nice if Gore kept an up to date website.. You could probably have made your decision about which day to take off..

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