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Nick Z comes from a long line of Gore skiers. And he’s the CEO of Nick Z Productions which is quickly becoming a dominant force in the northern New Jersey home snowmaking market.

What follows is the story of a man with a vision.

This year the New Jersey home snowmaking season extended ten weeks, from mid-December through March. Nick worked hard to put out the best product in the neighborhood.


On December 10, 2009, lollipops were planted and the SNOWatHOME SG6 X-Stream snowmaking package was put into action. The gun runs off of a 1.7 gpm pump and an air compressor that runs at 60psi. Simple but effective. The water source is simply a garden hose.

The intrepid gun and compressor ran at every opportunity during the season. Any time the wet-bulb fell into the ideal range … Nick’s crew was out hammering it.

Nick explains: “Wet-bulb is a measure of temperature and humidity. It can be below freezing, but with a very high humidity level, it may not be possible to make snow.”

Nick worked long hours putting making snow and putting a park together. All of the rails, and snow, are homemade.

Totals for 2009/2010 Season:

  • Start of the Season: December 10, 2009
  • Total Days of Snowmaking: 12 Days
  • Average Wet-bulb: 23.5 F
  • Max Snow Depth: 54 inches of coverage
  • Total Snowmaking Duration: 43 Hours
  • End of Snowmaking: February 1, 2010
  • End of the Season: March 27, 2010

Nick Z knows what its like to be the only guy in the county, and possibly the state, with snow in his yard.

8 comments on “Nick Z Productions

  1. Harvey, moving into investigative journalism? That’s my territory, mate, so back off!!

  2. That was the wish when I was a young boy skiing the hill in my back yard. The cord is magnificent!

  3. Any truth to the rumor that Nick Z Productions plans to rent out its pump, air compressor, and garden hose to Gore next season to provide extra snowmaking power?

  4. My secret to the perfect cord is a high tech pisten bully 50. It is a garden rake and works perfectly.

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