Winter 09/10: Departure from Normal Precipitation

Winter 2009/2010 • NOAA Northeast River Forecast Center

3 comments on “Winter 09/10: Departure from Normal Precipitation

  1. This is the entire winter through 3/23? Looks like the big winner was the western Catskills region that got the big late-Feb dump (Belleyare, Plattekill). AND HARVEY WAS THERE!

  2. It’s a 90-day running total. Because it ends on 3/23/10, it (roughly) measures departure from average for the past calendar winter.

    No question that this will go down as a legendary year in Catskill ski history.

    To date, Gore is under it’s long range seasonal average of 150 inches. Where are Belleayre, Hunter and Plattekill?

  3. Here’s what I’ve seen:

    Current: 210
    Average 190

    Current: 187
    Average 154

    Current: 140
    Average 120

    Current: ?
    Average 110

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