3 comments on “Winter 09/10: Departure from Normal Precipitation

  1. Here’s what I’ve seen:

    Current: 210
    Average 190

    Current: 187
    Average 154

    Current: 140
    Average 120

    Current: ?
    Average 110

  2. It’s a 90-day running total. Because it ends on 3/23/10, it (roughly) measures departure from average for the past calendar winter.

    No question that this will go down as a legendary year in Catskill ski history.

    To date, Gore is under it’s long range seasonal average of 150 inches. Where are Belleayre, Hunter and Plattekill?

  3. This is the entire winter through 3/23? Looks like the big winner was the western Catskills region that got the big late-Feb dump (Belleyare, Plattekill). AND HARVEY WAS THERE!

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