Nick Z Productions Update

SnowmakingWe first profiled the snowmaking of Nick Z Productions back in April.

Now he’s hit the big time. Nick Z put together a photo/essay presentation about his snow making escapades last winter and submitted it to SNOWatHOME, his primary gun supplier.

Now Nick is the grand prize winner of the SNOWatHOME Photo Contest. The prize is full reimbursement for his gun. Nice Nick!

2 comments on “Nick Z Productions Update

  1. If you are interested in making snow I would highly recommend just giving the guys at snow at home a call. They are very kind and will answer any questions that you have. All much as it might seem expensive, I can assure you that the gun and everything else will work flawlessly. Buying a gun is a great investment for anyone that loves winter and snow!

  2. Speaking of great investments … I’m wondering if I should get in on the ground floor. Did Nick Z Productions pay a dividend on this quarter’s earnings? 🙂

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