Jay Peak, VT: 2/21/10

Another day of great skiing, fresh snow and good friends at Jay Peak. Yesterday’s ice fog laid down a crust to the base, but 4-6″ of snow fell overnight. The new snow turned what would been marginal conditions, into a very nice surface, with fresh powder all over the mountain.

Lifts started off on wind/ice hold, so we took the Metro over to the Bonnie again. We seemed to be of the first into Canyonlands and Bonaventure Glade. (Video).

We did 4 laps off the Bonnie while waiting for the Jet to open. We got all kinds of fresh snow in the woods. We saw a line forming at the Jet triple and they weren’t loading it. But we got in line, and it really paid off. We were among the first into Timbuktu. We did a couple of nice long runs in there and out of the area boundary, freshies all the way to the bottom exit. What beautiful terrain.

We started working our way back with a run in Kitz woods and then finished up the morning with a run in the North Glade into the Bushwacker Glade. After lunch we rode the Green Mtn Flyer and sampled the woods on the other side. The ski area boundary skied beautifully today alongside Andre’s woods. Everglade was a winter wonderland, and North Glade was well worth a repeat. Got out of the woods at 4pm.

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