Hunt Hollow: Berms, Bruises and Brews 2

For the second year in a row, snowboarders across New York gathered on a dreary spring morning at the Hunt Hollow Ski Club. They walked through the rain and mud, six packs in hand, to enter Berms, Bruises and Brews 2. The snowboarding community came to celebrate the sport we love.

Hunt Hollow triple chair

As I walked to the lodge Saturday morning, it felt more like a family reunion than a race meet. I was greeted by loads of familiar faces including those from my home mountain, Woods Valley. The Woods crew was already geared up in the lot and ready to go when I arrived. At the sign-in table Dan from Flour City Distribution was running the show and Joe the Hunt Hollow GM was greeting the riders as they streamed in.

practicing in the rain

Paperwork finished, I linked up with Alex. We headed to the lift for some practice laps. The rain started as a mist on the way up and turned into a downpour by the end of our lap. I sheltered in the community grill and scored some brats off Matty B while waiting out the rain.

When it finally cleared off, the park opened up and we hiked up to get some shots. A jam session broke out, people started throwing down and the stoke was high. In approval, the clouds broke and were replaced with blue skies and sunlight.

before the race

Dan called the riders meeting, set the rules and we were off. The course set up was even gnarlier this year. The berms were larger and more sweeping so they were a lot faster. There was even a sweet pump section at the top that catapulted riders out of the start gate.

A lot of sweat and hard work went into building the course and it showed. The park crew and all the volunteers did a great job.

At the starting gate riders were strapping in and getting ready. I knew it would be best to get my run in before the course got beat, so I headed to the front of the pack. Before I knew it I was at the gate dropping in. I stuck to the fundamentals; stay compressed, extend through the turns and take the high line. When I made it to the finish line I knew I had a good run and was hyped.

My second run was less stellar. The course was getting chewed up and I washed out on a rough heel side berm. No regrets, I gave it all I had and came in 11th overall. Someone should double check my time in that young masters division though. 🙂


Back at the base, things were popping off. The hike park was jamming now and Otherhalf brewing was giving out tastings with the perfect view. Hammers were thrown down in the park and cheers were rowdy for landed tricks. I had to join in on the action. Shout out the dude who threw the 540 out of the donkey rail, probably the sickest trick of the day. On the course the guys from Neon Wave were shooting pics of the Flower Skate shop crew slashing the berms with methods over head.

Alex cooked Zwiegles on the busy community grill and we joined my dad who came to check out the live band. Community vibe was at an all time high by the time the winners were announced. Frank Knab from Phatman Boardshop crushed the young masters division and was the fastest on the course for the second year in a row. Make him ride switch!

berm brothers

I saw a lot of familiar faces and more new ones at BBB2. I think this event has solidified itself as a must attend for snowboarders across New York. It’s become a venue for the community to come together, showcase its talent and celebrate its culture. Can’t wait to do it again next year.

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