Moose River Plains to Open

Moose River Plains
From the NY State DEC:

Thanks to a creative state-local partnership, the Moose River Plains Road — which provides access to one of the largest blocks of remote lands in the Adirondack Park — will be open to motor vehicles this summer, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Pete Grannis announced today.

DEC worked with local officials from Inlet, Indian Lake and Hamilton County, as well as state legislators, to cover maintenance duties and costs for the season. The Moose River Plains includes more than 40 miles of dirt roads, approximately 170 primitive campsites and 50,000 acres of wild forest in the central and southwestern sections of the park. DEC had previously announced that this road would not be opened in 2010 because the state’s historic fiscal crisis had limited agency maintenance funds. Instead, local communities will assist by providing gasoline, trucks, materials and law-enforcement personnel to help cover operational needs.

Full text of the DEC News Release at Adirondack Explorer.

4 comments on “Moose River Plains to Open

  1. Thanks for this blog. I have been following along since last December. I could not get signed on to the skiadk forum, so I am glad to have somewhere else to go. This is a great way for Gore skiers to communicate. Thanks Harve!

  2. It is getting very to close to a downright revolt up here in regards to the way the state and the enviros treat us here like we just pawns in the massive chess game of the control of the Adirondacks. Hopefully this is just the beginning of the those parties realizing that the land grab has got to stop as the they cannot maintain what they already have had for a long time. And hopefully this the beginning of the state relinquishing control of some areas to local supervision in cooperation with the DEC. And finally hopefully this would lead to the state realizing that the enviro wackos view of the Adirondacks is great in their warped minds, but the death of the park inhabitants in reality!

  3. Goreskimom… thanks for posting a comment. We work hard to make NYSB the best it can be, and it’s a nice to know it’s appreciated.

    Shaman… on the plus side, a small victory – the threatened closing of the MRP has been avoided for now. I think it’s great that local interests took charge of this situation. The smaller the organization the more nimble it can be.

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