Greek Peak, NY: 12/13/09

After a gorgeous sunny and cold Saturday exploring the hills on skinny skis, it was time to slide. Weather was coming in, so I got an early start.

Picked up my friend Peter and we were headed to Virgil, NY home of Greek Peak and the Hope Lake Lodge. Just as we boarded the lift it began to precipitate.

It wasn’t snow, nor was it rain…or was it? As it picked up, it was clear that it was freezing rain AND sleet…at the same time. The snow was groomed nicely and skied well. Eventually the weather got to us.

2 comments on “Greek Peak, NY: 12/13/09

  1. That is dedication for sure.

    Personally, I’d always rather ski a carvable surface in the NCP vs skiing boilerplate on a beautifully sunny day.

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