Greek Peak Improvements: Summer 2014

Greek-Peak-LogoIt’s been a busy offseason at Greek Peak and the resort is moving forward upgrading facilities and making improvements.

NYSkiBlog got an update on these plans from one of the resorts new owners —Marc Stemerman. The list of projects is large and wide-ranging. What follows is a selection of highlights from the agenda.


The big story for skiers and riders is more snowmaking. Ratnik engineering has been employed to help develop a long-term snowmaking plan. 2000 feet of ductile steel pipe has been ordered to improve capacity from the base to the pumping station at #4.

A new variable speed pump, air lines and another booster pump for East Mountain will improve Greek Peak’s capacity to open early and to resurface when weather dictates.

In addition, four-year equipment leases have been signed with MND Areco and SMI. An Areco fan gun tower will be placed at the Greek Peak base to serve Alpha, and an SMI Super Pole Cat tower with an optional 3-wheeled carriage will also be positioned in the base area. A significant cost offset for this equipment has come from an energy efficiency grant from National Grid.


Lift maintenance is a crucial part of ongoing resort operations. This summer Greek Peak is replacing 200 lift grips on Lift 2 and replacing the entire cable on Lift 3. The Magic Carpet is getting a new drum and the Boardwalk Lift is getting a new cover. New decks, both top and bottom, and fresh paint are slated for the Vision Express.


Rental shops are getting a healthy dose of new gear including additional skis and snowboards, boots and bindings, helmets and poles. Plus Greek Peak is adding a selection Rossi telemark gear and climbing skins.  Additional harnesses for the Adventure Center ropes course are being added as well.

Sprucing Up

The variety of maintenance projects happening across the property. The fixtures being painted is too extensive to list. Nearly a dozen new doors are slated to be installed and new blacktop will be used on surfaces around the resort. Stay tuned for other potentially significant projects in the planning stages, that aren’t ready for public disclosure at this time.

9 comments on “Greek Peak Improvements: Summer 2014

  1. All GREAT news!!! Increased snowmaking is the BOMB, and they’re concentrating in the right area. Chair 4 and 5 ares have needed snowmaking improvements for years. Once again, hats off to our new owners for all their efforts in bringing GP back to the top of the game. 4 words …. let it f’n snow!!

  2. Decks on the vision express are already done, chair lift rides started last weekend 🙂 so happy our old lifts are getting some love. More snowmaking is a great thing!

  3. That’s all very exciting stuff. Is there also a new deck going in on the base lodge, or is that already done? Hoping to catch Greek on a good pow day this year!

  4. All good stuff! Me thinks I need a CNY road trip soon to do a little GP recon, MTB and beer sippin’!

  5. What about a deck at Trax Pub. This is just what the place needs for extended spring skiing and drinking, especially with all that new snow that will be made.

  6. No deck yet, but when they do take on that project it will be just like everything else Marc and John have done —- TOP NOTCH!! What an addition that will be too. Very excited aboout this winter.

  7. Outstanding News about the snowmaking improvements! Looking forward to a great ski season at Greek Peak this coming winter.

  8. The deck….is vital. The absence of a quality deck holds back spending crowds for all four seasons. I’d go to Trax right now….in the summer and fall, but who want’s to go somewhere inside? Deck, music, outdoor food/grills. The same in winter.


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