Gore Mountain, NY: 3/21/10

Twas cold overnight. PDQ, Pam, EDeO, Russ and Perilous Paul all did the rational thing, arriving fashionably around 9:15. Of course, I was on the first Gondi to ski the hard stuff.

When we connected at 9:30, we did some high speed cruisers on the bottom. The sun came out, and by 10:15 the south side softened, and we headed up. Trails were good.

When Patrol started dropping ropes, we headed to the trees.

Things kept getting better, especially in the trees, but I was looking at an escape time around 1pm. Around noon, we headed down to the SB Quad, and up to the warming hut for a break.

EDeO and Pam shared what they had for lunch. I bid farewell, and headed off to Lies to finish up. My last run choked me up a bit.

Over and out.

One comment on “Gore Mountain, NY: 3/21/10

  1. It was quite touching how choked up Harvey was yesterday as he headed down for what could have been his last run of the season.

    It truly was an awesome day of spring skiing. Conditions were ripe, but that meant the snow was melting fast.

    Maybe Jason can tell us if there is any chance of refresh of the snow this week, or is it curtains for the ski season in NY.

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