Gore Mountain, NY: 3/20/10

Gore base

It’s not going to be possible to recount the day. Usually I can go through the pictures and grasp the day in my mind. I just can’t do it tonight. Today was too multifaceted. 🙂

I ran in to Matty out front and we got into the Gondi. We hit Uncas. Carvy in the single swath that was groomed, and crunchy on the sides.

At the top of the Straightbrook, we started to form a group. It was as big as 14 as small as maybe 7. I think. Matty, EDeO, Chuck, Russ, Ike, Powderqueen, Pammy, Rick, Rochester and Lori, Jeff and Daniel and Phoebe. And I finally met Perilous Paul.

EDeO wanted to hit Burnt Ridge early. After some stalling in the sun on Lies and a few other places, we headed over.

Sagamore skied extremely well. After two runs we were headed back on Echo, when patrol suggested an alternate route.

We zoomed down Hedges and found some of the most difficult skiing of the day in Tahawas. Tahawas needs skier traffic. Up the North Chair, down to the Summit Chair and into the Dark Side. What followed was, for me, some of the best skiing of the season.

Highly trafficked Darkside routes had the best snow all day.

7 comments on “Gore Mountain, NY: 3/20/10

  1. Dark Side sure skied great. Those couple of runs Daniel and I took with you guys over there were way up on the fun-meter, especially hootin’ and hollerin’; through the DS Glade.

    I took Daniel through the Cave Glade twice, he just loves the adventure of finding and exploring the Cave. Thanks for including that photo above. Other highlights for us were the Chati and Straightbrook Glades, plus everything on the Dark Side.

    I’m glad we connected for a few runs yesterday, hope you have another great one today!

  2. If the rain doesn’t hammer the mountain tonight, we could get a few more awesome spring weekends in… my picks last weekend DS Glades, Straight Brook Glades, hero bumps on Lies and Lower Steilhang doesn’t get much better.

  3. What a great day! I even got in a few “firsts” including Snoopy Chute as the last run of the day. Skied hard because I thought it might be the last good day, but we were blessed with another one on Sunday. It is always a pleasure skiing with the Gore rippers and it was also a pleasure to meet and ski with Rochester Mark’s Rippa Sista who rocked the blue shades and blue jeans.

  4. I am still exhausted from the awesome spring skiing weekend at Gore. The snow skied really well in the middle and where the sun had warmed it. It was fabulous schussing with the sun streaming through the trees.

    Harvey you are a blast to ski with, and glad we got to ski with some new folks. Matt, you were in champ in those old rock skis with the shady bindings. Mark and Lori raised the bar quite a bit with their ripping like fish in water!

    Powderqueen and EdeO deliver the goods as usual. And to have Rick grace our presence for a few runs, you know it’s a good day! Thanks for all the sweet memories.

  5. Saturday was great! And what a crew to ski with! The trees were skiing great with just enough exposed stuff to keep it interesting. Next to a knee deep powder day this is my favorite kind of skiing. What could be better, sun, 60 degrees, and friends. Gore has some great trees and Snoopy Chute is one of the best. Nice and steep! Special thanks to EdeO and PDQ and they were right about you Pam, you rip! Also watch for Jeffs son Daniel, that little boy will be passing us soon I think. Harvey, keep up the good work. These pix will get me through a long summer. Thanks everyone. PS. I’m not throwing in the towel on the season yet, have faith!

  6. Harvey! Thanks for being part of a GREAT ski day-It was good to meet you and the whole gang-Thanks for sharing your Mt. and yourself! Me and my jeans will be back!

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