Gore Mountain Brochure (1991)

“Located in the southern Adirondack Mountain community of North Creek, NY, Gore is best known for its intermediate terrain, New York State’s only gondola and the high speed triple chair that briskly conveys skiers from the base to the upper mountain.

The Gore Mt. area has a strong skiing tradition dating back to the 1930’s. The present ski area is in its 28th season of operation. Managed since 1984 by the Olympic Regional Development Authority, Gore has seen extensive enhancement in the past seven years. The most recent improvements include an increase in snowmaking and extensive trail widening on popular trails Sunway, Twister, Cloud and Upper Steilhang.

Along with alpine skiing, Gore Mt. offers terrain for snowboard and telemark skiers. Also Gore provides 11 kilometers of patrolled cross-country ski trails. Lessons and rentals are available for all types of skiing in the ski shop.”

17 comments on “Gore Mountain Brochure (1991)

  1. Funny how times have changed. While it was certainly a fact at the time, it’s interesting that Gore leads with a mention of it’s intermediate terrain. It also seems like the triple is being touted more than the gondola. And I never would have guessed that a piece done in 1991 would mention snowboarding and telemark skiing.

    Today’s question … at least one of the skiers featured in this brochure is still a Gore regular. Can you identify any of the skiers pictured?

  2. Well Harv, you once told me you wear a green coat. So, is that you styling there w/the quaffed hair? Or Wait!..is that Uncle Mikey?

  3. Bob Heinemann in the teal suit is now a ski patroller but was once head of the ski school. The guy in the left looks like Scott, but I’m trying to get confirmation.

  4. I don’t have all the answers … I’m looking to you guys for help. I do know that at least one of the skiers pictured is a regular Gore ripper.

  5. My friend Bobbie Lucas confirmed that she was the chick and that Cork Nester is the dude in the left photo behind her. He sure looks different now.

  6. I’ve only met Cork once, but it’s good to know that I have blackmail material on him.

  7. They even dressed NYSEF coaches in those dreadful colors. I was going through some old boxes recently and found my NYSEF jacket, issued in 1991. I can’t believe I wore it!

  8. I think this could inspire a retro day. Everyone could dig deep and come up with something we wouldn’t be caught dead in now but we thought was the bomb back then! The only problem is will we still fit into it! Think about the possibilities Harv!

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