7 comments on “Friday Fantasy Photo #11

  1. Skied slide 4 the first time last winter and I think it’s my favorite. A little work to get to but well worth the effort! You get a little of everything. Open up top then into the tight gully with the waterfall farther down. The tight trees really get the blood pumping and the senses tingling, and your right Harv, its even better with PDQ backing you up! Here’s hoping for a repeat this coming season!

  2. I’m imagining … you’ve been skiing some really steep terrain, under great conditions. You’ve got lots of confidence, when you come to this little puzzle. PDQ is backing you up.

  3. On a Slides day I always make sure I do 4 at least once. I like it a lot, but I don’t always feel like making the traverse out and back. When there is a lot of snow and I feel comfortable dropping the cliff then I’ll ski it more.

  4. From the size of those trees it looks like this photo was taken near the bottom of slide 4? The slide appears to transition into a steep glade… looks like some great terrain.

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