Friday Fantasy Photo #24

Riva Ridge • Whiteface, NY • December 26, 2010

“At the summit of Whiteface there’s a sense that the runs drop perilously from the ledge sculpted into the side of the mountain. On this particular day clouds shrouded the valleys below and the High Peaks rose in the distance. I photographed this lone snowboarder as he admired the dramatic view from along the ledge…” -takeahike46er

9 comments on “Friday Fantasy Photo #24

  1. This image should go into the HR Hall of Fame. The Adirondacks are such beautiful mountains.

  2. Thanks SBR. We actually started Friday Fantasy Photos with the idea that they would be a Harvey Road Photo Hall of Fame. Submissions from readers, like this one from takeahike46er, are always welcome.

  3. I love the cloud bank that sometimes parks itself over Riva Ridge, and makes me keep traversing right for a bit (because I’m a big baby), even though the drop onto Skyward isn’t very steep.

  4. Great photo, especially when I figured out to click on it and get expanded version.

    Are those ski areas in the background or just drainage areas and rock falls on those mountain sides? Is the distant ridgeline in Vermont?

  5. I agree, this is a really nice photo. I was at Gore the same day, and remember those cool looking clouds over the peaks. Here’s a shot of how the peaks looked from the south that day.

    JJ: Vermont… no, those are the High Peaks of the Adirondacks. And those are slides, not ski areas. The peak on the left with numerous slides is Dix – those slides are an excellent backcountry ski destination and get skied relatively frequently. On the right, the peak with the really wide slide is the north face of Gothics – more a winter climbing destination than a ski descent, though I’m sure they’ve been skied. Just left of Gothics north face you can make out a thin band of a slide that arcs down – that slide is called True North and is an excellent ski descent.

  6. Thanks for posting links to those pix Skimore! Awesome adventures. Glad you didn’t actually see the bear that left those marks/scat.

  7. +1 what PDQ said: those are some really nice pics. Gothics is just an awesome mountain.

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