3 comments on “Friday Fantasy Photo #18

  1. I know that guy!

    That was such a great day, conditions were soft and coverage was perfect. Best of all, Plattekill hooked almost everyone up with FREE tickets.

    Unfortunately, I took off at about 2:30 to drive up to Mad River where I had plans to ski with people the next day. But it never got as warm as it was supposed to and with some freak snow overnight it redefined dust on crust.

    Needless to say, I should have just stuck around at Plattekill!

  2. For me, Platty’s Facebook Day was more than one of the great days of the season. I will remember that day for years to come.

    @ml242 IMO Friday was the best day of the weekend for snow conditions. The next day at Gore temps were colder — but the day was saved for us by the low elevation terrain that warmed up enough to be really fun. Ski Bowl and Sagamore ROCKED, while the upper mountain was tough. So I’d heard — I only made one trip to the top.

    Then next day was supposed to be even colder, and we hoped it would be warmer down at Hickory. But Hickory's high of maybe 40, wasn’t enough to warm the steep north facing terrain. Groomers were fun, but the bumps were very tough. Still people did ski ’em. I did Winfall once. Kirby told me he’d “skied the trees” the day before. THAT, I would have liked to see.

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