Friday Fantasy Photo #16

Mattchuck attacks Chatiemac Trees • Gore Mtn, NY • April 10, 2011

“When we got to the bottom of Rumor, Mattchuck was waiting for us. After the trails started to get thick from the warmth of the day, we stayed in the trees…”

4 comments on “Friday Fantasy Photo #16

  1. Incredible that Mattchuck has equal PSIA certs in both fixed- and free-heel. Curious if he feels slightly stronger in one or the other.

  2. Shouldn’t speak for MC2 but I’m betting he feels stronger on fixed heels. He could be the best Gore regular on alpine gear.

  3. Definitely feel better on Alpine. Would love to get my tele skiing up to the level of my alpine skiing, though. When I’m on my alpine stuff, I don’t really have much fear with anything (I mean, anything that’s doable). On Tele, there’s a couple of lines that make me pause. My goal is to charge anything no matter what equipment I’m on.

  4. Still have yet to ski’s a bit out of distance for a day trip for me and I could only fit so many overnighters in a season (this year it was Whiteface, Stratton/Mount Snow, and Okemo/Killington)…but next year it is on the top of my list.

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