Columbus Weekend Bike Tour

MancationĀ® weekend started at a fashionably late 3pm(ish) at The Hub in Brant Lake. Wilderness Property Management built the trail network this spring behind the establishment to create the Brant Lake Bike Park.

Trail builder for WPM showing alternate lines

The Stairway to Heaven starts right behind the bar/restaurant/bike shop and climbs a tough 400 feet to the first intersection. To the left is a climb to the South Summit where you get a short downhill to reward you for your climb.

Turn to Ricks Run and climb some more to the North Summit of Bartonville Mountain and descend to the overlook for beautiful vistas of Brant Lake.

view of Brant Lake
Enjoying the views and talking nerdy about drivetrains

Then we cranked out a short, grunty climb back to Constellation, a quick rip back to the Stairway to Heaven and a fast lap back down to the Hub for some frosty drinks. Drinks down, let’s head back to North Creek!

We started at a friend’s house in town, rode Main Street towards the Town Hall, and started climbing from the Carol Thomas Trail towards the Ski Bowl Loop. Up the Ski Bowl Loop to the Long Trail and then up the work road from the top of the older section of the Long Trail to the top of the Hudson Chair. Time to rig up lights, as I’m afraid of the dark.

night riding at Ski Bowl Park
Night Riders

We stopped by Basil and Wick’s on the way back to the house to grab some sustenance and enjoy beers around the bonfire.

In the morning we made a groggy trip to Izzy’s for breakfast and then we were on the road to Vermont. We stopped at a small trail network called the Sherburne trails just north of Killington. After a couple laps there, we were warmed up to head north to the Green Mountain Trails.

Austin Pond
Austin Pond in North Creek NY

We dropped a vehicle at the bottom of the hill and shuttled the rest up about half of the climb. It was a little more wet than we were hoping for but conditions dried out as we climbed.

The top has a very authentic stone hut which offers excellent views. Down, down, down we go.

stone hut
Very Authentic Stone Hut

Next it was back to the cars, pick up our shuttle, and head to Stowe VT, where the riding was excellent. We started on the Catamount Trail toward the 8 Bridges Trail and looped back to the Catamount. We traversed some local cuts down towards Cady Hill Park.

The trails are very well built and exceptionally fun. After a couple laps there, we headed back towards the Stowe High School. From there we climbed up to the Trapps Brewery, enjoyed a cold one, and rode back to the cars parked at the school.

MTB descent
Down, down, down!

One of the Strava Nerds said we checked in at 52 miles for the weekend. Not bad! A long drive back to North Creek, a few more drinks at Basil’s and the Barking Spider and it was time to outfit a kayak for me.

Columbus Day is the last day of the rafting season and tends to be a big party. Glad to share it and we’ll see you on the river next year!

6 comments on “Columbus Weekend Bike Tour

  1. Pretty good for a partial weekend, tBatt. Thanks for taking the time to set up those shots and for sharing them here. Are the trails crowded or is there enough for everyone these days?

  2. The Ski Bowl and Hub trails don’t see a ton of traffic. Cady Hill is definitely the busiest but the weather around Stowe wasn’t exceptional riding weather when we were there. I’m sure we would have seen more people had it not been in the 50s and very damp.

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