Windham, NY: 3/30/11

I got smoked at Windham in early February arriving right after a major rain/freeze event, but today more than made up for it.


Spring skiing doesn’t get much better than this. 45 degrees and a blazing sun softened everything to sweet, edgeable sugar, but because it was so cold overnight, the base didn’t turn to mush, even late in the day.


I pulled into the resort at 11 am and there seemed to be a decent amount of cars in the parking lot for a late-season weekday, but the trails and lifts were pretty deserted.

With both of its peaks served by high-speed lifts, Windham was a great call for today. I racked up a pile of vertical in 4.5 hours.


Windham’s double-diamonds really don’t deserve the rating; however, there are some short steep sections on the far looker’s right that are fun. I skied a few of the natural snow trails like Wipeout and they were well covered.


Following closing bell at 4 pm, I headed over for Happy Hour at my new favorite Catskills pub: the very cool Cave Mountain Brewing Company. FYI, Cave Mountain was the hill’s original name before they changed it to Windham.

Although the current name is probably a better choice for the resort’s core clientele, I prefer Cave Mountain.


After checking out Harvey Road on my laptop, I dug into some sesame-encrusted tuna skewers and onion rings with spicy ketchup, chased by a fantastic blueberry wheat beer.

If you can’t ski powder, spring conditions are the way to go.

5 comments on “Windham, NY: 3/30/11

  1. Love the first photo with church and trails, very Stowish:-) In photo referring to Bearpen, is it the hill to the right or the ridgeline in far background?

  2. The onion rings were perfectly done. I’ve been there three times now, and the food and beer have been excellent. It’s pub vittles, but with refined touches.

    Bearpen is the ridgeline in the distance.

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