Whiteface, NY: 4/9/11

We skied Whiteface today, for a big spring corn harvest, and a shot at the slides, and we got both. In the early morning, we skied the steepest groomers in softening corn.

G Spot view

We lapped the Summit chair waiting for the Slides. Patrol opened access at about 11 and we did as many runs as we could. The skiing was fantastic. Steep, soft, bumps and trees — even the ice was soft.


Slide 2


At the Slide entrance, we connected with Highpeaksdrifter and headed over to Slide 4. It’s tight, and it gets tighter the farther down you go. We skied soft snow, with a few patches of melting ice, and occasional exposed rock.

The bottom of Slide 4 was a highlight — steep, tight, and continuously bumped, but soft — it runs out to an ultra challenging tree shot.

Slide 4

There was great skiing all over the mountain today. But I’ve been trying to get on to the Slides, since my first attempt in 2008. I did it and I get it now — there is nothing like the Slides. Today was transformational. I’m starting to believe you can ski anything if the snow is good enough.

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  1. I’ve been skiing at Whiteface in recent years on day trips and a few multi-day stays. I’m definitely not a tree skier, and not too enthusiastic about all-natural in anything in life. But in the past two weeks when I visited the mountain on day trips with a friend, we gave it a try (both days Slides were open). And I can only repeat what has been said: It was “transformational.”

    Slide 4 with the trees is definitely not for me, but Slides 1 and 2 brought some true out-of-body experience. With the scenery, and the challenge of the terrain, probably the best skiing of the season for me. Too bad the season is coming to an end.

  2. Today was a repeat of yesterday at Whiteface. EDeO, Rochester Mark, Carolyn. DJ, Chuck, Bobbie, AC, Brenda and myself had a fantabulous weekend skiing the slides and other steep shots on buttery and cornicious spring snow in the warm sunshine. Sorry we didn’t catch up to Harvey, only a yell from the lift. This was the best skiing of the year at Whiteface.

  3. You nailed it, also headed to Whiteface Saturday with the same goals! Skied the mountain and Slides – first timer! – both days. Hit #4 Sat, and #4 again along with a 1/2/3 combination on Sunday. Nothing short of awesome! Jealous of the kids I was with on 155s. Amazing amount of snow especially on #2, believe that is where the “Slides Slid” a while back. As a side note, they were closed early Sat afternoon for a bit, due to an injury, not conditions. What a way to end the season!

  4. What a great weekend. This will probably be it for me (unless we are skiing Good Friday) so it was a great way to finish the season! Sorry we never caught up to you Harv, it was the story this year it seemed. I’m already jonesing to ski, Portillo Chile anyone?

  5. Wow. Numerous reviews of people actually skiing and enjoying the Slides over a period of time in one season seems quite rare. Would you guys rate this as one of the all time great season’s for good snow conditions at Whiteface?

  6. Over the past ten years, there have been seasons when the Slides were never opened. This from Aaron Kellett a few days ago:

    “The last few years the Slides have been open more than average. This year they’ve been open for 12 days. I think we are at a more comfortable place with how we manage them. We encourage patrol to evaluate their status daily. Patrol knows how much the skiers and riders love them … and many members of the patrol have been furthering their education in avalanche forecasting and emergency backcountry rescue.”

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