Vermont Ski Area Profiles: Authors Wanted

Vermont Ski AreasWhy would the NY Ski Blog include a section for Vermont Ski Areas in our Ski Area Directory?

It’s a common misconception that is exclusively about New York State Ski areas. NYSkiBlog is intended as a resource for New York skiers. And we ski in Vermont. We ski Killington in October or May. We ski Mad River, when we’re looking for that all natural experience that only Mad can deliver. We ski Jay Peak for copious amounts of powder or when the family demands a waterpark. There’s no question that Vermont has allure for New York skiers.

The VT Section of the Directory includes trail maps and basic statistics. Now it’s time for the real work. It’s our goal to publish a 500-800 word overview of our favorite lift-served areas in Vermont. We’d like your help.

We’re looking for mountain insiders, locals, passholders or others in the know to help us fill out the directory’s profile section with an unvarnished description of each ski mountain. A straightforward look at each area including pros and cons — an informative overview to educate skiers unfamiliar with terrain, amenities, local culture and whatever else is important.

If you’re interested in helping, look at the Vermont Ski Areas in our directory and let us know which ski area you’d like to help with in the comments below. As an incentive we’ll provide a link back to your website, or a high quality NYSkiBlog Diecut Sticker for your roofbox. Or you can do it for purely for the love of skiing.

5 comments on “Vermont Ski Area Profiles: Authors Wanted

  1. Harv

    If you’re looking for nordic also, I’ll contribute a post on Prospect Mt outside Bennington. This place has an interesting history. Started out as alpine mt, changed over to nordic. If you’re willing to hike to the summit, you can still ski the DH trails, Steve will groom them if there’s enough snow. Former manager was a 1992 Olympian; also home ski area for current Olympian Andy Newell. Let me know.

  2. I would be happy to do write up on JP. Summer is a little busy in SBR-world but will try to get it done if you wish.

  3. Hi There!

    I’m a Carleton (Canadian Uni) Industrial Design student, I’m doing a winter sports design project. I’m really interested and incredibly intruigued by junkboarding. I’ve been searching the web high and low for a way to get ahold of Mr Justin Wood to inquire about junkboarding but have had no such luck. Assuming the above Justin Wood is the same guy, this is he most recent mention of him.

    I hope this is not out of line, but Justin if your reading this, can you please give me a shout?? I’d just like to pick your brain about jboarding a bit. I’m in the process of building one, but until the snow comes I would love your insights on their design.

    Peace and Love, Z.

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