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This season NYSkiBlog is stepping up our support of the independent ski areas that we feel are vital to the sport. As part of this effort, we’re embarking on a venture with Indy Pass, a multi-mountain pass that gives the holder privileges to ski 2 days at 44 independent ski areas across North America. More on that in a moment, but first, a bit of backstory.

In 1988, at age 30, I learned to cross country ski in the southern Adirondacks. In 1997, I bought land in the area and would camp to keep the cost of skiing down. In 2002, I married Zelda, and in 2006, our lives changed bigtime when we had a baby. Backcountry skiing became impractical, but my jones to slide on snow remained strong.

I bought my first pass to Gore mountain and I skied Gore as often as I could. Because Gore was really the only place I skied, I didn’t fully understand how Gore was different from some of the more refined areas in the East. Without slopeside real estate or sushi, Gore was all about skiing, with simple lodges, a family feel and a deeply embedded tree skiing culture. My passion for the hill and our sport ran high, and I began to write about my experiences.

Magic Mountain

Until 2010, I skied Gore and Whiteface exclusively. In February of that year, the Catskill’s experienced an extraordinary winter weather event receiving several feet of snow over the course of a week. A friend challenged me to experience something new and I drove to Plattekill. Great terrain, deep snow, a rustic lodge and a distinct lack of lift lines.  My first experience with a truly independent family-owned mountain felt perfect and pure.

My writing, and what had been my personal blog, began to evolve. I started to understand that the state of New York was loaded with these kinds of independent experiences. I came to know the personalities behind these mountains and I wanted tell their stories. I started to believe in their mission and make it my own.


Fast forward to several weeks ago when Matthew Bramble of Skiology approached us to join forces and enter into an agreement with the Indy Pass, the multi-pass that gives the skiers a chance to sample a variety of independents. I was intrigued, but to be honest I wasn’t totally sure how NYSkiBlog would fit in.

I’d love to say the Indy Tour was all my idea, but I can’t. Matt suggested we embark on the tour to tell the stories of as many of the northeast indies as we can. This appeals to me as we are driven by content. We’ll continue to chase the snow, but we’re going to do our best to ski as many of the independents as we can — including those on the pass — and post about them on our front page.

The Indy Pass is a sponsor of The Tour. To improve our coverage of Indy Pass member mountains, we’re asking for your help. If you believe in the importance of independent ski areas, like to write and think you can work within our parameters, leave a comment below and we’ll contact you by email to explore the possibilities.

We’d also love to hear from readers about which places you’re most interested in reading about. Check out all of the resorts that Indy Pass offers in the Northeast and elsewhere at their website.

Indy Pass is a sponsor of the NYSkiBlog Indy Tour

10 comments on “The NYSkiBlog Indy Tour

  1. Awesome idea Harvey and Matt! I’m in for Shawnee and Mohawk write-ups, since those are perfect places to take my 11-year-old on a weekend adventure. Could fold Catamount into that too, but I want to leave enough for everyone!

  2. I picked up an Indy Pass for myself and both of my teen age daughters. With Albany, NY as my home, the mountains I hope to re-visit would be Catamount, Berkshire East, Magic, & Bolton Valley. I haven’t been to any of the other reaming places, maybe Greek Peak, Suicide Peak &/or Pats Peak? Looking forward to a season of possibilities!

  3. I am very excited about the Indy Pass, as I have it through Greek Peak. I am interested in writing about my experiences, as we already have plans for several of the Mountains. Please consider.

  4. I enjoy your blog about the various ski areas you have visited. I ski locally at Bristol Mountain on their season pass and believe it is the best mountain in western New York. I am an epic and ikon pass holder and travel to Colorado, Utah and Vermont on those passes. I love Gore and was sadden when Gore withdrew from the Ikon pass. Best of luck with the indy pass the small mountains are the breeding grounds for future skiers and riders.

  5. Love Greek peak reminds me of Elk mountain in Pa only better.
    Blue Knob is a place I would be interested in , but being almost the same distance from home as Gore and having a Gore pass I will never get there. Would love to hear about it and see a few pictures of it.

  6. I got an Indy Pass soon after they became available. Will use it at Cataloochee and Massanutten for sure. Writing up Massanutten should be easy since it’s been my home mountain for close to 15 years. Also hoping to check out Bryce and Canaan Valley for the first time.

  7. My family will be enjoying otis ridge in MA this winter. Its possible to explore the entire mountian without your preferred equipment leaving the snow surface, and the terrian is very appealing.

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