Harvey Mountain TBar

There were some who considered this small, family run ski area as competition to Gore and the Skibowl. Total vertical was about 400′ and it was served by a single Tbar:

Harvey Mountain

Harvey Mountain Ski Area was actually on South Mountain in North River – off Barton’s Road, just downhill from the hairpin turn. I first noticed it maybe fifteen years ago. I was skiing and exploring the summit and cliffs of Harvey itself you could faintly see the old runs illuminated by the difference between the newer and the older growth.

I never knew what I was looking at until I connected with Jeremy Davis of NELSAP a few years ago. With Jeremy’s permission I excerpted a piece on Harvey Mountain last fall. There’s more at nelsap.org too.

2 comments on “Harvey Mountain TBar

  1. Harv,
    Steep enough for some decent pow turns?

    How bad is the undergrowth?

    How much snow to ski/ride it?

  2. Chris…it's not very steep. I've never actually walked the property. But it looks to be about like the front side of Gore – say Twister.

    And I think the forest is young, so there's not much room for tree skiing. That nelsap link in the piece above has a bunch of pictures that were taken in the last year or so.

    Good snow preservation though with a north aspect and a based elevation around 2000.

    The "Harvey Mtn Ski Area" was actually on South Mountain. There's better skiing on Harvey itself.

    And check out the summit ridge across the main parts of South. There's potential there, for a car drop, up high on Barton's Road and an exit onto Rt 28.

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