Skiing and Balance

I actually like work. But during the relatively short winter, I can’t focus on anything but skiing.

It’s no secret that I was really disappointed in my season last year. On my birthday (Jan 8th) I realized I was probably done for the season. I did actually get to the mountains one more time – for a 4-day weekend in late February. That weekend was like a religious experience for me. I skied primarily alone. I cherished every single turn. I read over the TRs from that weekend a hundred times over the summer.

I learned something. Don’t take anything for granted. On December 20, I had one of the great ski days of my life. At around 1:30, we’d had so many first tracks and we were beat that we called it a day. I knew more snow was coming the next day, so I went into town to pick up some supplies, relax and do a blog entry. I will NEVER do that again. Conditions like that – I’m going BELL-TO-BELL.

The impact of my shortened season lasted all summer. I was really CRANKY about it. I finally got over it this year, on my opening day – Dec 5th – when I did five runs on Jamboree – a 280 foot vertical pitch. No $hit … I was actually HOOTING on Jamboree as I was jumping over those slushy bumps, skiing without poles.

Anybody who regularly reads NYSB — it’s clear that I am fixated on skiing. You KNOW when there is an “event” on the horizon that I’m not getting too much done at work. I can’t help it. I love snow, I love skiing, I love Gore.

A bizarre thing happened last night. We were eating dinner. I was off in never-never land thinking skiing. My wife says to me …. honey what are you thinking about? Before I could answer, our 3 year old daughters says “Daddy’s thinking about snow!” I couldn’t believe it.

I don’t have to live out West to be happy. If I lived north of Albany I’d ski a lot more. I’d never miss a weekend. I’d come in late on powder days. I’d cut out early whenever it made sense. If I could move my current job up there, I’d get 50-60 days a year MINIMUM.

If you follow NYSB, you may have seen the list of other blogs I’m following. MattChuck2 is probably one of the best skiers at Gore. He has been working on a blog that addresses all these issues head on. How do you fit your passion for skiing in with everything else that life throws at you? Matt’s blog is thoughtful and well written. I’ve learned a lot from it. Check it out: Ski = MC Squared.

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