Ski Coach Z: Dave Zientko

Dave ZientkoSki instructor Dave Zientko will be joining NYSkiBlog as the author of a multi-part series on how to get more out of skiing. Dave is a PSIA Level 3 certified instructor who has been teaching at Whiteface since 2000. He has been teaching skiing for 24 years. Before coming to Whiteface, Dave worked at Killington after starting out at Vernon Valley. He’s also had staff training roles in both the Whiteface and Killington Snowsport Schools.

Early on Dave taught adults, but after his son Zach was born, he widened his focus to include working with children. He has extensive experience with advanced level kids in all-mountain skiing and has coached in Whiteface’s acclaimed Cloudsplitter Club program for the last eight years.

Dave has experience skiing across Europe and the West including France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy as well was most of Colorado, Utah and British Columbia. Dave has logged several cat skiing days out West and has attended two PSIA National Academy’s including one in Chamonix in 2006.

This season Dave teaches private lessons and groups through Whiteface’s Snow Sports School on weekends and holidays. His focus is helping intermediates enjoy more of the mountain and advanced skiers ski more efficiently and tactically in all conditions.

6 comments on “Ski Coach Z: Dave Zientko

  1. This is an awesome idea. I’m sure Dave will bring a wonderful new dimension to NYSB. Everyone should take a lesson from time to time- you can never stop progressing as a skier.

  2. Dave is a great instructor. He taught my children and they out ski me now. I had heard that he was going to coach NYSIF, as his son is surely skiing there.

  3. I’m teaching on WF’s main side this year so I can be more flexible in getting to see Zach race and taking him to races.

  4. My kids have been in the Cloudsplitter program at Whiteface since it began (my daughter has “aged out”). Dave is one of the reasons the program has been so great. He did a great job teaching my kids to ski. Dave, we’ll miss you in the cabin this year, however, I’m looking forward to your posts here and I hope to have some opportunities to do some free-skiing with you this year!

    See you soon.

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