Mega-Storm Potential

Next week’s system will be complicated. 2 lows, with a lot of reforming. A 500mb low. Very difficult to forecast. Right now ALL the models cut-off the low in New England. This could be a long duration event.

Jason’s a real weatherguy. He’s got to go by the rules. Multiple model runs, different models, credibility. Blah, blah, blah. I’m just a stokemeister. I poked my way into the GFS. If you follow it out, the model shows multiple events on the horizon. The image above depicts a mega storm late next week. BRING IT.

Jason will be out with some legitimate weather analysis Sunday evening.

One comment on “Mega-Storm Potential

  1. Go ahead and stoke, Harv…we’re due. What’s the old saying, “Even a dog’s a$$ sees sunshine (or a snowstorm) now and then” right?

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