Hunter Mountain Snowmaking Silk

Gun running has been a persistent topic of conversation over the past year in the mainstream media. We —the subversives at the NYSkiBlog— have taken to giving it a new meaning.

Hunter Mountain Snowmaking

Instead of an illicit trade, we use the term to describe that awesome experience of skiing top quality manmade cold silk snow under the guns at ski resorts in the Northeast. To be completely forthright, skiing under the guns today during the work week felt way too good to be legal.

The product on the slopes of Hunter was the best manmade snow I have ever skied.  It’s simple science; super cold temps + compressed air + water = pure silk. Arctic cold for days, dozens of canons and fan guns, meant that it was laid down in bulk.

Hunter West

In truth, today was not the day for everyone. At least two resorts in Vermont decided to close because they thought the temperatures were unsafe. Hunter, a warmer southerly neighbor, didn’t have that problem, but our balmy daytime summit high of negative two combined with wind and snow did, at times, make things challenging.

By days end, I was a seriously spoiled NY skier. Trenches were laid three inches deep on the Belt Parkway. Sunny steeps were ripped on K27, Clair’s, and Racers Edge. Woods were slalomed through some of Dick Cheney’s undisclosed locations. Vertical was piled up on the West Side and the Six Pack until legs were sore. Most importantly, good times were had by all.

Incredible Piles of Hunter Mountain Snowmaking.

We’re entering the prime of the 2012-2013 season, ladies and gents. And judging by today, it is now operating on all cylinders. Hope everyone makes it out to the local hill to get some, because it’s really good right now! Just… button up, no permit required.

8 comments on “Hunter Mountain Snowmaking Silk

  1. When it comes to snowmaking nobody does it better. Hunter gets a bad rap because of the feared ZOO factor. Which by the way is unwarranted. In my opinion Hunter is the best mountain in the Cats.

  2. Yeah, well, Jason, get back to me after trying this on a Saturday. I once read that Hunter operates at 50-60% capacity midweek, and 130% on weekends.

    Ain’t nothing like really cold, dry air for making some fine manmade snow.

    Once I went to Telluride in January and got skunked and skied spring conditions for a week. Came back to Killington and played in the 80 or so guns the next week, and had a much better time. But, just like this experience at Hunter, it was cold, dry, and, most important, sunny. I could see. sort of.

  3. I was there this past Saturday..Never waited in line, you gotta know how to play the game..

    Racer’s and Ike were empty..

  4. Lucky man. But, that six pack empties the line pretty quickly. It’s the crowd on the slopes I worry about.

  5. The skiing is really good right now at Hunter. Good skiing with you guys. This morning was even better but a little colder with the breeze. I can almost feel my toes now.

  6. Went on Friday 25th couldn’t believe how good the snow was. Reminded me of out West. Hunter on weekdays is as good a mountain as anywhere. Weekends you need to know how to play it. Get out early ski the front, move west around 10:30, ski thru lunch, beer after 1pm.

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