Ski Day 16: Like a Local

Ski Day 16: Saturday started normally. We woke at our usual time, me at 6am, and the girls at 6:45. We played it like a Sunday with Zelda sitting it out. Neve and I were at Gore by 7:45, and we got in one of the first Gondi cars to load.  Same as it ever was.

Sunrise in North River

We skied a mix of pure corduroy and ungroomed manmade snow on the lower mountain. The cord was decent, and the little drifts of windblown manmade were a total blast. The bottom mountain was cold, but calm.

Neve was pushing to go to the top. On our second run, the rope was down and we dropped into Pine Knot. A slight breeze and colder temps made it very chilly at the summit.

Kid Skier

In my summit skiing dreams, we were cruising down Headwaters, side-by-side in the sun, with me snagging a few inches of natural that had accumulated along the side of the trail. But back on earth, I forgot one crucial thing. I neglected to give advance notice on “Windy Hill.”

We came around the corner and got blasted. Neve stopped and said, Daddy it’s too cold. I looked her in the eye and told her if she skied for 30 seconds right behind me, I’d get her out of it. We bagged Headwaters, and “Clouded Out” to a cup of cocoa at the Saddle Lodge.

Sleeping Bear

After our break we hit Sleeping Bear multiple times. At this point in time it has nearly perfect pitch for the level we were skiing. We made big carvy turns, with our skis parallel.

We called left Gore at noon, and headed to to town to snag some sandwiches from Sarah’s. When we got back to the cabin, we each went to our sport of choice.  Neve, to her sled run and me my woods. Not nearly as much snow as there was at New Year’s but what was there was quality stuff.


I tried to find our previously established ski “trail” with limited success. Ultimately the best trail will probably result from countless different treks through the woods anyway. I poked around, learning more about Harvey Woods, occasionally stopping breathing in the cold clean air, look and listen.

Ski like a local.

Maybe there’s a new skier emerging, or an old skier re-emerging.  While I don’t think I’ve left season pass math behind, I might be taking slower approach to some ski days. I guess time will tell.

For the record, I’m not actually claiming that I ski like a local. But it is fun pretending.

11 comments on “Ski Day 16: Like a Local

  1. Harv wrote,

    “For the record, I’m not actually claiming that I ski like a local. But it is fun pretending.”

    Don’t sell yourself short, Harv, you’re a wonderful local. Just like in Caddyshack, just don’t sit on the furniture, you don’t want to stick to anything.

    Ski you on your adopted home mountain.

  2. Nice report. Here are my tips on trail-making: just keep on walking/skiing/snowshoeing those woods. Walking & snowsheing are best, since you are moving slowly and deliberately. The trails will present themselves. Find the cool places, then connect the dots. Use the terrain wisely. Find the old trails. Follow the deer. Never leave the house without your loppers. Flagging tape is your friend, and can always be removed later. Stop, look and listen.

  3. Harvey – Aaron and I were the ones who yelled your name. It was great to see you. I myself have two boys in Mountain Adventure. We ski pretty hard all day and took very little down time this winter. I am hoping to get up there for 8 weeks next year, get a season pass and have the luxury of skiing the AM session. Great write up.

  4. The North Quad is a wonderful area at this stage for the kids. It was the same with my son The snow is usually good, there is no wind and the very little traffic.

    It is nice to have a season pass. It would be a big help if Gore sold a morning pass. Sometimes my little one is only good for a few hours.

    Great photos.

  5. I was pretty scared when Neve pulled up because she was cold. She’s really too big to pick up and carry on skis, and I can’t see how I would do that and protect her face at the same time. You’re really boxed in on the summit on super cold days. You’ve got Windy Hill on one side and the brutally cold Topridge Chair on the other side. I won’t make that mistake again.

    I agree that the North Side is great for kids at this level.

    Skimore… that shot was taken at 2000 feet.

  6. Sunday morning WAS cold at Gore. Even my kid, The AmazingHannah begged off the Summit after one run for hot chocolate (At Bear) and another layer. Smart kid!

  7. I agree with Coach. She is maybe ready for poles just make sure sizing is correct. I see small children with gigantic poles.

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