BearCam: The Dream

How much would it cost to put a webcam on top of the gondi building on Bear Mtn? Same setup as Whiteface.

It’d be HighRes. And you could swivel it TOWARDS the GORE SUMMIT, down onto the top of Bear, or towards Foxlair, Topridge, Pine Knot, or Fairview.

Could a decent unit with internet be installed for … how much? I have no idea. How hard is it to get an internet connection for the Summit of Bear?

If anyone knows what it would cost… please post a comment.

BearCam would promote skier visits, Gore Awareness and GORE STOKE.

One comment on “BearCam: The Dream

  1. Bearcam, It’s catchy for sure.

    I think a better place would be at the intersection of the Gondi/sunway/wildair/fox, they could mount it on one of the gondi poles.

    It could be mounted on a pole, but if we were EVER to get an on-mountain cam (not a lame one at the base which would most likely happen) I'm sure it would be mounted on the Saddle Lodge.

    Of course Ideally they would have one on each mountain section.

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