Gore Mountain, NY: 2/2 – 2/4/07

Ski Days 11, 12, 13 and 14

Gore Mountain was great this weekend. When I got to the cabin Thursday night, the moon was full and it was really warm so I went out for an nordic ski. I was on the first Gondola Fri am and cruised down Uncas to head for Straightbrook and over to the Darkside. Not sure if I could have gone directly to the Darkside from the triple, so I went the long way. It’s great having it open. On Friday they opened Lower Steilhang and Lower Darby. I hope they never widen any of the trails over there.

On Saturday I was again on the first Gondi and there was 3″ of fresh – Cloud and Headwaters were great as they must have been groomed first overnight and the snow was all on top. Chatiemac had hard bumps filled in with loose fluffy stuff. I hit the SB glades right away – I knew it wasn’t getting any better. Doable, but marginal.

It got hammered senseless by Sunday afternoon. I’d stay out a there with any equipment I cared about. I hit Lies as soon as they opened it and survived. By the end of the day it looked like a killing field up there with a ton of traffic. Rumor – Friday they were just snowmaking the headwall and Saturday and Sunday they were pounding the whole run. The bottom was fantastic too. I usually end up there after lunch when my legs are teley’d out.

Sunday they were talking about minus 25 wind chills so I “slept in” until 7:45 and did some backcountry in the Siamese. It was a little thin – about like the Straightbrook glades before anyone had been through. I packed up and left our cabin at 1pm.

I remember driving south last year during the super bowl – it was great, no traffic. But I was still too early so I swung by the mountain snagged a few more runs Lower Darby (it was getting hard!) and then hit the road. Now we need either new snow or warmer temps.

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