Friday Fantasy Photo #27

Kirby on Grand Teton • Hickory Ski Center, NY • Feb 5, 2011

“We got a helluva workout skiing and riding the pomas, on our feet the whole time with no rest between runs. After lunch it started to snow hard…really hard. The new snow coated all that tracked crud we produced throughout the day. We squeezed out as many runs as our bodies could take…”

4 comments on “Friday Fantasy Photo #27

  1. These are the days we all live for…I’m drooling over this, sitting here at my desk at work. haha

  2. That was quite a memorable day at Hickory. Was nice to see my TR again…made me smile. Looking forward to more days like that!

  3. Aww shucks Harv. I think my best TRs evolve from the inspiration of the place I’m skiing and the people I’m skiing with. I’m glad a lot of people got to read it and that it stirred up interest in this awesome and little-known ski hill. Looking forward to ripping some turns there this coming season with Rochester Mark and some others who have not yet skied that little gem.

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