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mapI saw an advertisement for a furniture company that appealed to me. The whole commercial was about how they built their own recycling plant and they take back all the packaging for your furniture, promising it will be recycled. (That’s one part of new stuff I always hated — all those boxes and stryofoam peanuts by the curb.)

I went on the web to look them up and send them a note. I got sidetracked and ended up in a “chat” with a customer service rep. She was clearly personally invested in the company and said she had been “chasing a job with them for 2 years.” They are in Syracuse.

Got me thinking about moving yet again. I did some mapquest: 3 hours from Syracuse to our place near Gore vs 4 hours 50 minutes from here in downtown NJ. It’s a shorter and much easier drive with significantly less traffic.

While that would be a significant improvement in the drive to Gore, it’s not really not that much better for all the Vermont resorts including Killington, Sugarbush, Stowe or Jay.

On the other hand Albany would be much closer to Gore and almost everything else. Basically 3.5 hours off my drive to anywhere, and even more if you go up along the Northway. Then I just start mapquesting everything.

All these times are from Central NJ:

  • Gore: 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Killington: 4 hours 50 minutes
  • Sugarbush: 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Stowe: 6 hours 45 minutes
  • Jay: 7 hours 30 minutes

It usually takes us 5 hours to Gore with one stop, going mostly close to the speed limit and with whatever traffic we hit. So if you add 1/2 hour to all the times, it just seems impossible to get to Killington in an extra 22 mins or Stowe in an extra 2 hours and 10 min. For figuring, use times from Albany by subtracting 3.5 hours and adding in your time to Albany. Are those times realistic?

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  1. There's a great shortcut starting in Amsterdamn, NY and working your way over from 90 to 87 up almost in Saratoga Springs. Saves a lot of time (35 mins?) compared with going up 81 or 90- to Albany and up. It takes me 3.5 hrs from Ithaca to Gore (going decently quick), so 2.5 Syracuse to Gore is def doable with the shortcut.

  2. David…do you find that taking the “Amsterdam Shortcut” is faster to Gore than using Route 8?

    Google maps recommends Route 8 to Gore from Syracuse, but recommends the Amsterdam route to Killington.

    Thanks for following and posting a commment.

  3. Just went from my parents house in Buffalo to my wife's cabin at Gore 2 weeks ago. Took us under 5 hours w/ one stop. Took the 90 to Utica, then 8 through Poland, Speculator to Bakers Mills. The ride is great in the daylight…and the summer. Used to take a similar route from Ithaca when I was college, and on a Friday night in the winter, that drive could be white-knuckle to say the least. Nothing like driving through monster Lake Effect for 50 miles from Utica to Speculator. And the last 25 miles along Rt. 8 from Speculator to Peaceful Valley Rd is about the darkest, loneliest, creepiest stretch of road in New York State.

  4. "the last 25 miles along Rt. 8 from Speculator to Peaceful Valley Rd is about the darkest, loneliest, creepiest stretch of road in New York State."

    Amen to that. Between the thick trees on the left between the road and river–and the cliffs and densely wooded hills on the right….And there are Sat mornings driving up to Gore I don't see single other car. Weird.

  5. Harvey, I live in Hillsdale, NJ. My drive times to Gore are 3hr to 3.5 hr of drive time. Usually the longer times are coming home. I have been reading some of the relo thread on the Firsttracks/Liftlines forum. Are you able to move farther north in NJ? Even a move to the Bridgewater/Basking Ridge area would save you 45-60 minutes on your trip. I have a place in N Creek (22 years) and the drive times have been pretty consistent.

    Also, there is no way Killington is only 20 minutes further than Gore. According to google maps it is about 28 miles from exit 19 (Fort Ann to Killington) to N Creek and the drive time is about 36 minutes. From the same location it is about 65 miles to the K access road and about 1:25 or 85 minutes. You know that there is way more traffic going to K vs North Creek. If it was only 20 minutes I would have bought at K 20 years ago. My drive times to K are usually 4-4.5 (or more)and you always need a stop. I usually do not stop going to Gore. North of Albany would be a nice spot but family and jobs keep us here.

  6. Matty…great comment. Check out my white knuckle my post from last December. The white knuckle thing coming from the south is different kind of thing, but pretty darn scary too.

    It’s funny, it seems like whenever you mention Route 8… people talk about how scary it is at night or in the snow. I’ve only driven it during the day in the fall… beautiful leaves, deserted road with lots of sexy curves. In a car with decent handling, I’ve had some fun on it. When the pavement is in good shape. It seems to be very susceptible to frost heaves.

    Xman good to hear from you. You’re totally right about Killington. You drive through all those little towns… it’s got to be at least an hour farther than Gore.

    With regard to moving…it’s going to be a HARD thing to do…I think if I ever get up the gumption to do it…I’m going farther north. Princeton is really nice, but somethings gotta give.

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