Hunter Mountain Slide Show 1959-1964

Construction started in the summer of 1959. The Slutzky Brothers’ Construction Company built the facilities. Larchmont Construction installed the snowmaking and two Poma-Savio chairlifts. The old Starr Hotel was renovated to serve as the base lodge.

On January 9, 1960, Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl opened for the first time with the original “B” Lift in operation. The “A” Lift was still under construction and wasn’t ready for the first season. Hunter’s first snowmaking system had limited functionality, and a short 30-day initial season was followed by only 60 days of operation the second year.

In the middle of the 1961-62, season they took full control of the ski area. Hard work and consistent marketing yielded longer seasons and more skier visits. During the summer of 1962, the “A” lift was completed. This opened up the skiing to the top.

In the summer of 1964, construction of the present-day base lodge began. It featured a 300-seat dining room, an indoor swimming pool, sauna, health club, and massage rooms.

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