Belleayre Mtn, NY: 4/3/10

As I was driving north this morning, I started having second thoughts about 20 minutes from my house. It was supposed to hit the high 70s in the mountains for the fourth day in a row and I had visions of top-to-bottom slush and bare spots. Luckily, I pushed on and had one of my best spring skiing days ever.

Tele-Hottie on Belleayre Run

Even though Belleayre, like pretty much all of the northeast, had only received trace amounts of snow in March, the coverage was fantastic and it got just cold enough during the night to firm up the snow a bit for absolutely perfect corn corduroy.

Tongora and Roaring Brook


The heat wave is forecast to continue through the middle of next week, so who knows if Belleayre will make it to its usual mid-April closing date. But knowing Tony Lanza, he’ll pull out all the stops.

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5 comments on “Belleayre Mtn, NY: 4/3/10

  1. I wanted to go today and now you have me really regretting missing today at Belleayre!

    Nice pics, thanks!

  2. Coverage at Bell looks good, probably even better than what we found at Gore on Fri. I haven’t quite come to terms yet with the ski season being over, may have to make a trip down to the Catskills…

  3. Just goes to show you… never turn back! Nice James. Bonus points for telepics, double bonus for telechicks.

  4. I had several pix of other teleskiers, but they were guys and who needs that?

    Oy, look at the 14-day temp forecast… the northeast is still in the dark red.

    We may as well start posting our ski-day totals.

    “It’s over, Johnny. IT’S OVER!!”

  5. Belleayre is about 30 miles closer for me than Hunter. I have a Big Lift card from the latter, but I’d like something different — skied at Hunter twice this year, Belleayre only once, years ago. Which should I patronize?

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