Belleayre Mountain, NY: 1/31/10

Jamesdeluxe, Mrs. Deluxe, Miyoko and I arrived at Belleayre after dealing with a variety of obligations… driving, daycare, ski rental, carpooling, and an involuntary contribution to the Town of Kingston Highway Fund.

Belleayre Lodge

Twas a cold, bluebird day in the Catskills when we arrived at 10:30. The ladies and I got on the lifts to see how the mountain had recovered from the devastating NCP event on Monday. James hurried off to interview Belleayre Advocate Extraordinaire Joe Kelly. More from James on that later this week.


Reports we’d seen on Alpine Zone were spot on. Bell was pounding the bump runs with continuous snowmaking, and they were excellent. Groomers had less new manmade and were about what you’d expect. Firm surfaces, with some loose manmade on top, but nothing special.


After making the rounds of the mountain to check things out, we concentrated on the bumps on Tongora, Upper Winnesook, Belleayre Run and Lower Wanatuska. We were happy to be skiing and we lapped those runs until we couldn’t make another turn.


The company was good, the skiers were game, the conversation was spirited. We finished the day with the traditional stop at The Peekamoose, for a beer and some fancy appetizers. It was a really nice day, and the bumps were fun. But it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the fact that natural snow has been sorely lacking, and we’re going to need some serious snowfall, to end up with an “average” season.

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  1. We got nailed about two miles west of the Thruway. Don’t blame the webmaster; it was all my fault.

    Harv’s TR was accurate. The runs where they were blowing (or had sprayed earlier) had perfect boot-top deep bone-dry fluff, but the rest of it was hit or scratch (mostly the latter). Belleayre is doing a great job with a nonstop supply of lemons this season.

    Also of note was how few people there were for a sunny weekend day. The smaller room in the lodge was almost barren, and the only times we hit (very short) lines on the Super Chief quad was when there were loading issues.

  2. I take full responsibility. Looks like it’s going to cost around $1000, including everything. Fighting it will cost almost as much, but it’s probably worth doing.

    One thing about skiing that is PRICELESS… take a look at that pic of me on Tongora. In that moment, leaping over those silky plastic bumps… you really can leave it all behind.

  3. If you have a NJ license and you pay the bill there is pretty good chance it will not show up in NJ. They only want the money anyway.

  4. Here are the numbers for doing 63 in a 45 mph zone:

    • Fine: $220
    • NYState Surcharge: $85
    • Insurance Increase: $265 x 3 years
    • Total: $1100

    That’s all I am going to say. For now.

    30 inches of snow in the Adks and I’ll forget all about it.

  5. Legal experts will know better than me, but isn't there some sort of reciprocity thing between states? Where the points from a moving violation in one state will follow you into your home state? I know that Quebec and NYS have something like that.

    To get back to the skiing, Harv and I were marveling at the flex in his skis in the Tongora pic above.

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