7 comments on “Gore’s TechnoAlpin Fan Gun Test Drive

  1. The Germans had the best tank in WW2. The problem was they had no fuel… With out a proper water delivery system, those guns are useless. But they sure are perty..

  2. This gun is being tested/demoed by ORDA. Whiteface had three of them that were being used to make snow for the skiers. From what I saw with Mike, Gore certainly has the capacity to use these guns. They are very efficient and quiet.

  3. Advantage: They each use their own small compressor and fan for air power, if air power has been the problem thus far this year.

    Disadvantage: they require three phase power within reach of the gun.

    It has been a while since I’ve been paying attention, but there only used to be said power in the base area and along some of Sunway. Maybe that has changed. Where else has Gore been using their current fan guns?

  4. Gore has electricity for fan guns on the following trails: Sunway from bottom to the saddle, Headwaters, Ruby Run, Cloud, Upper Steilhang, and all of the North Creek Ski Bowl (there is only water and electricity there.) It is very expensive and a lot of thought and knowledge has to go into it before running power along a trail.

  5. There is also power on much of the North Side and the j-bar, and pretty much every base area of a lift.

  6. Jason, I have to disagree with the notion that Gore’s fan guns are useless. Look for them to be put to even greater use this year.

  7. Gore is definitely starting to address their snowmaking problems. I’m looking forward to returning this season.

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