Whiteface News October 2012

Whiteface Mountain NewsThe season is getting closer and NYSkiBlog has got some Whiteface Mountain news to report.

Hoyt’s High

According to representatives from G.W. Tatro, the company installing the Hoyt’s snowmaking pipe, it’s the most difficult job they have undertaken in several years, due to the length of the pipe and the steepness of the pitch.

At 4200 feet in length, Hoyt’s will be the longest stretch of expert terrain at Whiteface without a bail out option. The length presents a grooming challenge as the PB 600w winch cable is only 3000 feet long. The trail will be groomed, but it will require some finesse.

There is a proposed access road to the trail that would come over from the slides roughly around Slide Out. This route will not be a ski trail, but could provide a second spot to anchor the winch cat. This improvement is still in the permitting process, and would not happen in time for the upcoming season.

Whiteface hopes to cut the final expert trail in the Lookout pod next summer. The new trail will will be on the opposite side of the Lookout chair from Hoyt’s. Plans to add snowmaking on the trail are not firm, but it will be a goal going forward.

Lift Tickets

There will be early and late season pricing.  From mid-December to late March all lift tickets sold at the Whiteface ticket window will be $84. This price will be the same holiday or not, weekend or mid-week. There will still be Super Sundays and Coke Wednesdays.

Another way to save will be to buy tickets online in advance. Online pricing will vary based on demand. It may be cheaper to buy early but on certain days last minute deals could be in play. This demand pricing is similar to the way third parties like Liftopia work, but tickets will come direct from Whiteface.com. The tickets will only be good for the day you specify when buying on the web site.

New Operations Manager

Mike LeBlanc is now the new Operations Manager. He has an extensive outdoor sports background, including running the EMS climbing school. He has worked in snowmaking, lift ops, trail maintenance, and on ski patrol. He has worked closely with Aaron and the team for a couple years.

2 comments on “Whiteface News October 2012

  1. Hoyt’s will be great. Looking forward to it. That other expert trail is in a better spot to collect natural snow compared to Hoyt’s. I’ve heard talk of potential for more glades off that as well. Maybe Aaron can confirm that for us.

  2. Really a crucial step forward for Whiteface. Can’t wait to get back on the mountain to ski Hoyt’s and wish Aaron and his team all the best for the season.

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