Plattekill Tree Skiing Workday 2012

While some resorts tout summer improvements like a new Waffle Hut, RFID tickets, or shuffled deck chairs, Plattekill did something a little different this past weekend.

Early ups

In a joint venture launched by the mountain and the NYSkiBlog, 25 volunteers came forward to do a little pruning in the woods.

The result was truly beneficial to the skiers of the Catskills; a new intermediate-to-advanced glade was cut in a snowy and consistently pitched area of the mountain that many should be able to enjoy.

Quicker than a barber giving a ten dollar haircut.

Initially we were some concerned about rounding up enough hands for the ambitious project, as the glade runs almost 800 vertical feet, unbroken by other ski trails. But tree skiers turned out early and ready for an inspiring speech from mountain owner Laszlo Vajtay. After our pep talk, we took an exciting, anticipation-filled ride up Plattekill’s double chair.

Until that moment, I didn’t realize how much I missed being on a ski hill, riding a lift in creaky silence. The trails passed under us enshrouded in mist and covered in wildflowers cut up only by curly mountain bike trails. It felt great to be cold, passing through the remaining color on the trees. I couldn’t stop thinking that it wouldn’t be long before we were skiing.

Plattekill view
Those clouds were no problem.

Views from the summit never get old in this part of the Catskills. It might be outside of the blue line of the park, but Roxbury remains largely untouched by the modern life I seek to escape every weekend.

Plattekill Tree Skiing

We hiked down to the target zone and got to work. With so many volunteers, the work went quickly. Spirits were high, and each time we uncovered a unique feature, we’d gather around to savor it. It was great to meet dedicated skiers willing to invest the energy to help make Plattekill tree skiing the best in the Catskills.

work group crew
“From first chair to last call!” — Nihiles

Convinced we had built something special; the only thing left was to decide on a name.  Somehow we forgot to discuss the matter over the glasses of Ommegang we sipped while enjoying a memorable sunset on the deck. At that moment, we were all convinced of one thing though: this is going to be a great season.

It was a perfect way to enjoy a Sunday. Thank you to everyone who gave their time to help out.  If you’ve got ideas about a name for the new glade, or your jazzed about the work, post in the comments below.

18 comments on “Plattekill Tree Skiing Workday 2012

  1. Way to go Plattekill. If only my home mountain (Greek Peak) was as smart. We could have a couple more great tree trails.

  2. That’s awesome! FWIW, Greek Peak ski patrol worked on glades last week, though they didn’t touch anything new. Word is that there is a log in Herc woods. All we need is an outlaw crew with handsaws to remove the log and make some clear lines.

    A number of years ago, my friend and I cleared out the leg-breakers in “Fields Woods” and made 2 skiable lines on the steep pitch below the work road. This has been an “outlaw glade” but is skied by many due to it’s accessibility and really nice lines.

  3. What’s cookie monster from besides SS?

    I was kind of thinking about No-Name, as a reference to the ski area that was across the valley in Vega.

  4. I like “Laszlo’s Line” or “Imagination Glades” The imagination name came from looking at the work we were doing and seeing it with snow on it.

  5. it was a great day out there. i was thinking “pillow pet” “laszlo’s lopper” “step ladder” “gtfo” “thar be dragons” but i dunno, i am torn on it having a name at all.

  6. Agree w/ Tom A…please pay attention GP, many of us would like to help improve our hill.

    PDQ…we’ll get that log out of there this year for sure. And those lines below the road are sweet, was wondering who cleared them out, thanks!!!

    Plattekill, they get it…nice job guys.

  7. Good job to the pruners. Is this a secret or is there going to be a location given? I would say “Harvey’s” would be a good name for this glade.

  8. ^I want to say it’s going on the map?

    definitely not a secret. This thing is WAY too big to be a secret!

  9. I was wondering if you know where the glade expansion was taking place on the trail map at Plattekill..

  10. Laszlo’s Line sounds like a good name I would like to finish the other half, Put it on the map as a draw for more business . Mother nature sure approved of the work, it rained hard on my rideup and then the day turned out sunny . Hope she approves of Winter.

  11. I would love to see it on the map, too – but only when it’s totally finished. We’re so close, that next section couldn’t have been more than a few hundred feet.

  12. how about bear pen glades? I dig no name glades as per the above comment. Nice to see local history involved.

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