Weather Discussion for Feb 16 2010

Finally some good weather news for the Northeast. A strong 500mb low, similar to last weeks system, is dropping down from Central Canada. This will spawn a weak low just south of NYC.

Unlike last weeks storm which blew up off the NJ Coast and moved east. This one meanders due north to around Southern Vermont / New Hampshire area.

For the Catskills and Adirondacks, I think we are looking at 4-6 inches.

It should produce some moderate snow fall for the Greens and Whites. Then set up a nice northerly flow that will produce more orographic snows to the Northern Greens. The Greens should pick up about 50% more do to a persistent northerly flow. Stay tuned.

One comment on “Weather Discussion for Feb 16 2010

  1. I know, I know, I show my age everytime I post on Harvey’s. But for all this griping about the weather, I remember one time as a kid — must have been 1975 or 76 — we did a President’s Week trip to Gore. It must have been 60 degrees all week, and by Thursday Headwaters, Sunway, and anything else getting sun was a strip of mud with two snow strips down each side. We had to ski Showcase the last few days because it was one of the few trails with snowmaking. Got stuck in a lake of water coming down Tannery, which old timers will recall used to run from Straight Brook chair all the way to the base (until they realized it was completely flat, and turned it into a cross country trail in the 80s). Bottom line: the weather could be a lot worse!

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