A Cabin in the Woods

cabin in the woods

6 comments on “A Cabin in the Woods

  1. What a darling little cabin! I think you thought everything out well, and created a special space for times when you visit or stay a bit longer. Love seeing interior photos and would also enjoy seeing the outside after the snow melts. The cabin with snow all around is picturesque. Looking forward to seeing photos of the future projects.

  2. This all sounds pretty amazing. Obviously, it sounds like there was a lot of planning involved. What did you do to become informed about ski cottages, or the process of building (permits, picking contractors, budgeting, etc.)? What the rough costs involved if you don’t mind sharing?

  3. DomB: I can’t say we were super organized about the planning, but everything I learned is here:

    Building a Ski Cabin

    Cost would be hard to figure as this was done over many years using mostly tax refunds. First the land, then the driveway, the main building and finally the utilities. Running utilities was definitely the most expensive part.

  4. Thanks, Harvey!!! BTW, I think your posts on the blog are awesome. You really gave me the Plattekill bug! I’ve never been there, but I hope to get there this season or next.

  5. Hey guys! My family owns and operates Mountain Trails Cross Country ski area in Tannersville NY. Just wondering how we can become a part of NYSkiBlog. We also are on Facebook. Thanks and have a great day! Marc.

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