Plattekill Tree Skiing Work Day 2022

Plattekill Mountain and NYSkiBlog are stoked to present the twelfth annual Plattekill Tree Skiing Work Day at the ski area in Roxbury NY on Saturday November 5th, 2022. Raindate will be Sunday the 6th.

Plattekill fall aerial photo

The tradition — first born in the mind of dedicated NY skier — lives on. We’re recruiting a motivated, smiling crew of lopper wielding powder hounds to continue our maintenance of some of the Catskills’ best tree skiing.

Our longterm goal is to clear as much terrain as possible under the legendary double chair. As regulars know, Plattekill is committed to helping skiers pursue their passion and find great lines all over the mountain.

free tree lines

While the ski business continues to consolidate, Plattekill offers a different kind of experience: a family-owned ski area with steep terrain, good snowfall and a great vibe. You can access it all without lift lines. As last season made crystal clear, Plattekill is the place to be, more than ever.

And because Plattekill is only open weekends and holidays, tree lines remain fresh for weekend warriors, who know where to look. The best way to learn the mountain’s secrets is to come to this event to spend a day with those who know and maintain those Plattekill tree line

Laszlo and Danielle Vajtay, the owners, appreciate this volunteer effort. Each participant will get a midday meal on the deck and a voucher for a lift ticket valid on any regular operating day (Friday-Sunday) during the 2022-2023 season. Plus you’ll get an added bonus of inestimable value: street cred with New York’s tree skiers.

To be clear, the workday will be work. We’ll hike approximately 3 miles during the course of the day. Trees will be cut and dragged. Participants should be ready to hike with a backpack containing 2 liters of water, a few snacks like PB+Js and Clif Bars, and a pair of work gloves. A camera is also a good thing to have, so you can start figuring out key angles to shoot your friends on pow days.

Plattekill work day crew

We need at least 12 volunteers to make it work. (In recent years this has not been a problem.) The more the better. We’ll meet at the Plattekill base lodge at 9:00 am on Saturday November 5th.

Volunteers should come to the mountain with:

  • Energy to have a fun time working for the day
  • Good boots for working and hiking
  • Warm clothes / layers / gloves
  • Snacks / Water
  • Cutting tools: loppers / bow saw / clippers

Mask use is voluntary, and social distancing at your discretion. We will be outdoors the entire time and lunch will also be served outside. You may ride the lift alone or with someone you came with if you choose.

The emails associated with the comments on this post serve as our contact list. If you want to participate and already have a comment below, made with an email address you still use, you are good to go.

Leave a comment or click THIS LINK to Sign Up!

194 comments on “Plattekill Tree Skiing Work Day 2022

  1. ml242, can you divulge approximately where on the mountain (in the helicopter photo above) that you’re planning to work, or will the location only be provided to participants? I’d love to go, but will be out of town that day.

  2. We’re going to be working near the double on lines that should be pretty visible that will hopefully be able to go on the map next year. And secret locations too, probably!

  3. Wish I could make it! I’ve been wanting to get involved with projects like this. Going to be in Rhode Island that weekend for my friend’s belated graduation party though.

  4. 9am! Plattekill is in! See you tomorrow. Lifts will be spinning to get you all up there. And the grill will be grillin’ and the sun will be shining!

  5. in terms of the TIME of the workday people can start to gather any time between 8-9am and they will run the lift for a while starting at 9. come on out, its a fun time and if you ski trees, it benefits you directly.

  6. Thanks, for the quick reply. Keep me in mind in the future and say hello to Laszlo for me.
    PS Pray for Sn*w!


    Please know: The mountain cannot provide any tools. You can operate your own saws and chain saws as long as you have safety gear such as hard hat, glasses and chaps and leather boots, steel toe preferred as required.

    It would be super if a few people comfortable with their use could bring a chain saw.


  8. Since I ski in the woods all over, it’s about time I make it to an official glade clearing work day.

  9. I’ll be there. We all discovered amazing tree skiing last season hiding in plain sight, between Freefall and Block. The bottom gets weedy and would be good to clear an obvious exit that doesn’t go into the Learning Center. I would be for working on that.

  10. Jeff, that was the first area we did 3 or 4 years ago, it’s probably due for a little maintenance, but we have some big fish to fry this year!

  11. Trying to work it out to be there. I’ve wanted to show up for this the last couple years but soccer has always gotten in the way. Games are on Sundays this year so I think I’ve got a shot (I’ll have a 14 and 10 year old in tow though).

  12. Let’s get some lines marked out, so we can be more effective in our efforts. Some survey tape by a group of experienced folks would help.

  13. I saw that the woods between Freefall and Blockbuster may be the work site this year. I’m not opposed to that location and would enjoy working on it and later skiing it, but my vote would be something in the mellower Ridge Run/Twist area if there is still any work to be done there. We did steep terrain last year, and it’ll be in play less often than Plattekill’s other lower-angle tree skiing. Would be nice this year to work on an area that has a greater likelihood of being skiable.

  14. How about some lanes somewhere off the triple (north side of the mountain)? It would make that side of the mountain more interesting.

  15. I’m going to try to make it ….I certainly get good use of the trees all winter long!

    p.s. I think I’m the one skiing in the middle picture in this article!

  16. After last winter’s March “mega-dump” when I had a chance to sample the goods, I vowed that I would help out this year! Count me in and one other (my wife – never saw that happening!) as well. We’ll make a weekend out of it and do some hiking on Sunday.

  17. Hey I’m Ari, NY newcomer from Colorado. I am in for next Saturday! Looking forward to working…

  18. I’m in — looking forward to it. And I think first-timer Barbara Long (my mom) is coming along too!

  19. Hi Matt, as long as they’re supervised and can handle scrambling the rough terrain. Some of it can be pretty steep. And if they can work a pair of loppers, all the better!

  20. Unless the guys who own my deer camp have a work day scheduled, I will be there with 2 young uns in tow,

  21. Been wanting to do this for years, I’ll be up looking forward to working on the best glades in The Catskills.

  22. Well that was a success! All you slackers owe any of the approximately 30 people who showed up a beer if you ski glades at Platty this year. We got a ton done. And Brian’s Mom gets extra hugs and foot rubs from her grandchildren for showing up and working–she knows her grand kids ski the woods and wanted to pitch in.


  23. I’m in. Can’t wait to cut. BTW, if you’re new at this, the lopper if by far the best tool. Leatherman?!

  24. I’m ready for the 26th!

    Harvey, article says lift ticket voucher for “18-19 season.” Please update.

  25. Thanks for the heads up Doug, fixed it! FYI in the nine years we’ve been doing this, I’ve made the same mistake at least 3 times.

  26. This is lots of fun folks, hard work but great camaraderie.

    Big anvil lopper is the tool of choice.

    Bring extra loppers if you have them, saws too. Folks will need to borrow.


  27. I’m in! Looking forward to cutting again, hopefully I get the timing right and can actually ski them this season also! – Ari

  28. Wow, great response so far! Loppers or a foldable pruning saw works great. Gloves and good hiking / work boots a must. Don’t forget to pack a water bottle, some energy bars or fruit. I will update everyone via email later this week with regards to weather. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

  29. Can’t make Saturday, but if it’s rained out, I’ll plan on making the drive on Sunday morning.

  30. Fun, hard work and a great way to meet folks.

    This lopper works ok after last year’s use. Not great, but good enough. You can probably get one before the workday.

    Bring extra loppers if you have them, hand saws too. Folks will need to borrow.

  31. I am interested in the work day, it would be my first time. It was also my first time skiing at Plattekill this year and we loved it!

  32. Wooo
    Now to be in 2 places at once!
    Cant wait to see the posse!
    Leaves Changing… time to get clearing!
    NYC Plattekill Ambassador! Can’t be caught not there…
    Lopers.. good axe… and a small saw!!! That is the digs!
    Oh.. and some rope to help clear the bundles…
    See the Line… Cut the Line…. Rip the Line!!!
    No Guts No Glory…. GO FOR IT!!!

  33. Haven’t come to workday before but plan on coming this year. My son will join as well. Do you need chainsaws as well? or just keeping it to loppers and saws?

  34. Rain day has been selected. So see everyone Sunday–see below:

    Hey Everyone,

    Due to the impending storm on Friday, and the cold and rainy Saturday morning, we are changing the date of the glade clearing to Sunday, October 18th, at 9am. We are making this decision now in order to give you time to make any schedule changes necessary. Sunday will be drier and warmer, and safer for working in the woods and enjoying the great outdoors. Hope to see you all there!

    Safe travels and see you on the mountain,

  35. To add to the above comment: People who arrive together can ride the chair up together, otherwise you ride solo. Please bring a mask to wear during check in and while loading the lift. Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!

  36. My son and I won’t be able to make it now that it is changed to Sunday. Hopefully next year. Sorry

  37. I’d love to be part of this! Sounds like a good time and I’d probably be out in the woods somewhere anyhow.

  38. Wooo
    Can’t wait!!
    Cant wait to see the posse!
    Leaves Changing… time to get clearing!
    NYC Plattekill Ambassador! Can’t be caught not there…
    Lopers.. good axe… and a small saw!!! That is the digs!
    Oh.. and some rope to help clear the bundles…
    See the Line… Cut the Line…. Rip the Line!!!
    No Guts No Glory…. GO FOR IT!!!

  39. Been on my to-do list for years. The date actually works for this year. Count me and 2 buddies to be there!

  40. At least three of us (adults) will be there to help. Also want to offer this opportunity to a handful of our tree skiing/trail maintenance experienced students from Darrow School. Am wondering if there’s any paperwork/permissions or other considerations in order to bring students.

  41. There are waivers that everyone has to sign at check in upon arrival. Other than that, there is no other paperwork needed for your students.

  42. Roman, can we get an electronic copy of the waiver ahead of time? Then we can get parent signatures. Electronic would be perfect.

  43. Hi my name Slim Grimley, I’m trying to make it for the tree clearing, not really sure if going to work out yet, but want to comment in case it does, hopefully see you then.

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