MRG’s Josh Fox Winter Forecast

Mad River Glen’s Single Chair Weather Blog has published Josh Fox’s Winter Forecast.  Check it out.

A Choice Excerpt…

“Temperatures will thus fall in the normal to perhaps slightly above normal range. Snowfall on the other hand will be outstanding and I am going to predict the snowiest winter since the blog began and will include one lone epic period similar to what happened in February of 2007 and Christmas/New Years 2002-2003. Snowfall in the end will exceed 300 inches. “

4 comments on “MRG’s Josh Fox Winter Forecast

  1. Sounds alot like what Bastardi reiterated this afternoon on pay-per-Accuweather. He's calling for a cold Dec, and a Jan/Feb along the lines of 2002/2003. The Skiing Weatherman has similar cold/average-snowy thoughts in his season missive on

    I'm optimistic…but I did buy a set of snow tires for the first time this year, so I wouldn't be surprised if I jinxed the season…

  2. Matty… I don't think I can remember a season when there was this much consensus on the long term winter forecast.

    NWS, Accuweather, the Accuweather Bloggers, Josh Fox, Herb Steven's and Scott Braaten seem to be coming to the same conclusion. I like it.

    How much is pay-per-AW and do you think it's worth it?

  3. Not sure what the pay-per costs, but they had a "free preview" on Wednesday so I checked it out at work. Plus, if you keep an eye on the Forums on AW, some of the more frequent posters will throw up big chunks of the pay site stuff.
    I find the forums on AW to be pretty informative and a great learning tool for the amateur meteorologist. Certainly has helped me add some layers of knowledge to my weather skills. Also helps you learn how to wade through all the "wish-casting" that's so prevalent on AW…

  4. I can’t possibly add any more forums to my list. I watch EasternWx when I have the time, or the need for divergent opinions. Mostly I’m looking for stoke with some shred of credibility. I think I do a pretty good job at looking at hard facts when there are driving decisions to make.

    Where are you based? I’m assuming you ski the Adks if you are here.

    Sounds like you may be a more serious met than I am. If you’re interested in a role roll on NYSB, PM me at [email protected]. If not then please keep the input coming through the comments. Really appreciate it.

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