Mayor EDeO and More Gore

“This video was shot by long time friend and ex Egan Brothers Films and Warren Miller camera man Derek (aka PowderPuppies). The opening clips are from Newtons and feature a number of Gore tree skiing regulars.” — EDeO

7 comments on “Mayor EDeO and More Gore

  1. Hey Harvey, how nice of you to post that little video from two seasons ago. Maybe it will help get the snow gods going and send some freshies our way. Lets keep a good vibe going for big snows so we can get out there and get some more shots of Gore in action!

  2. Nope, not me at 2:02 of the video. Yea, it’s a teleskier, and yea he did crash, but I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting EDeO until Jan 9 of this year. (See the TR from that date!) That was Phil …and crashing for him is reserved for rare occasions. I’m told he had help with that crash from a snowsnake.

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