Lost Ski Areas of the Adirondacks

Jeremy Davis, founder of Harvey Mountain

Entitled Lost Ski Areas of the Adirondacks, this book will highlight 50-60 areas from that region, from the first J-bar in New York State (in Lake George), to short rope tows at hotels in Lake Placid, to large planned resorts that were never completed like Lowenburg near Lyon Mountain.

Jeremy has begun research on the book and has already come across an array of fascinating photos and maps, as well as information and narratives from people who remember these mountains. Lost Ski Areas of the Adirondacks is scheduled to be in print in the summer of 2012.

If you skied at a lost area in the Adirondacks and would like to share a memory or contribute images, please contact Jeremy at [email protected].

4 comments on “Lost Ski Areas of the Adirondacks

  1. OK Harv, I give up. What is that photo? I may not be able to sleep tonight. Is it the original North Creek Ski Bowl? Harvey Mountain? Uncle Billy Bob’s Tow Rope Hill? Please tell.

  2. According to the NELSAP site that mountain is Harvey Mountain/Garnet Mountain in North Creek.

  3. When we were kids we learned how to ski at Silver Bells in Wells and Oak Mt. We took many family trips to Paleface Mt in Jay NY. Paleface was great we could ski right from our rooms. My father loved it because they served dinner to children early in the evening and adults ate after the cocktail hour! It was run by an Austrian couple at the time, very safe and family friendly – so many good memories. Tried to find it on my last trip to the area – it’s there but well hidden. Home movies of us skiing there.

  4. Rfarren is right. It’s Harvey Mountain. Or more precisely, the ski area that was called Harvey Mountain, located on South Mountain in North River, NY. Would love to see those home movies Nana!

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