Friday Fantasy Photos

We’re interested in publishing your best ski photos of the season. While we’re especially interested photos of NY State skiing, both resort and backcountry, we’ll consider any great picture of skiing in the northeast.

What makes a Friday Fantasy Photo? Currently contenders are judged on these criteria:

  • Is it a skiing (or snowriding) photo?
  • Is it a good photo?
  • Is it in NY State? (Vt second best, Northeast third!)
  • Are the conditions good?

Three points maximum for each category for a total maximum of twelve. Anything 7 or better makes it to the finals. How would YOU judge it?

Submit your photos to [email protected]. Please include your name or screenname, the resort or area where the photo was taken, the date it was taken, and the trail or location, if it’s not a secret stash. If it is a secret, be as vague as you want, like “somewhere in the Catskills.”

One comment on “Friday Fantasy Photos

  1. Getting my computer fixed right now. I have a few pics for you, though I think you might already have them kicking around.

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