Jason’s Weather: 2/8/10

Monday Feb 8 4:30 PM: A very intense and dynamic system will impact the Northern Mid-Atlantic and Southern New England states …starting Tuesday night into Wednesday evening.

February 8 2010 Storm Track

The latest data (18z) has a 975 low lurking off the NJ shore. The precip from this low should extend as far north as the Catskills and Berkshires. If the system is a little further north and west then Southern Vermont will also receive some snow. With a system this powerful any thing can happen. Stay tuned for updates.

Update 2/9 Jason’s Call:

  • Catskills : 4″- 8″
  • Gore / Southern ADKS : 4″- 6″
  • Killington /Central VT : 3″- 5″
  • Northern ADKS : 3″- 5″

2 comments on “Jason’s Weather: 2/8/10

  1. Here’s how I did…

    The Catskills received 7
    Gore..got zip, so I bombed
    Whiteface received 2
    Okemo received 2-4

    Overall not too bad.

  2. I checked Bell this am, and they updated it to 8 inches.

    Now I know WF has upslope potential, and Gore doesn’t… but outta this thing? At least Gore was in the VIRGA. You’d think Gore would net more than a trace.

    Gore was right on the edge. They had a couple inches in Saratoga.

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