Mont Sutton, QC: 2/8/10

After two days of skiing sloppy seconds at Jay and Smugglers Notch, I finally hit paydirt just north of the border at Sutton, Quebec.

A small weather event that was supposed to provide a couple of inches ended up dumping what seemed closer to a foot.

Sutton has an eccentric but well thought out network of glade skiing that’s truly unique — and everyone else in my group agreed.

That felt good… my first East Coast powder day of this season. Better late than never.

7 comments on “Mont Sutton, QC: 2/8/10

  1. James … I was sitting in my little box today, watching the radar. Just tiny little flecks of blue blue popping up here and there over northern most VT and QC … I just KNEW you were scoring!

  2. It snowed lightly, but steadily for almost 24 hours… just goes to show you that the radar isn’t always that accurate.

    After Sutton, we went to Bromont for a few hours, which is like the difference between Hickory and Killington.

  3. Besides the great snow you are getting, I’ve always felt that one of the cool things about skiing in Quebec, xc or downhill, is the completely different cultural vibe. And the fact that Canadians really seem to take their skiing seriously. I have not been to Sutton but it looks great in your photos.

  4. Nice TR James.

    I’ve added more detailed comments on the FTO TR. To summarize, Sutton has a number of Pros and Cons, but regardless it is one of the top areas in Bromont in my book.

    Mont Sutton should definitely be on an Eastern Skier’s TO-SKI list.

  5. I typed the above comment a few too many times. Instead of Bromont, it should have said Quebec (see below)

    ..but regardless it is one of the top areas in QUEBEC in my book.

  6. I’ll add my endorsement of Mont Sutton. They’ve had tree skiing since before many at Gore ever considered it. Nice, wide, open glades. Excellent French cuisine in the region too. The Eastern Townships also offer Owl’s Head and Orford for some variety. Back when the US$D was worth something, skiing in Canada was a bargain.

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