Hunter Mountain’s Kaatskill Flyer

Hunter's Quad being removed

Hunter Mountain has released photos and video footage of what will be New York State’s first high-speed six-pack detachable chair: the “Kaatskill Flyer.” The new lift could be a game-changer for Hunter on busy weekends and holidays.

Hunter Mountain Catskill Flyer

And, next summer, Hunter is planning to replace the two old fixed-grip lifts on its famed West Side with a new quad, as well as adding more snowmaking to cover the steep expert terrain.

Images courtesy of Hunter Mountain

6 comments on “Hunter Mountain’s Kaatskill Flyer

  1. I’m sure that the answer will be “it depends on the speed at which they run it,” but I’m curious how many people the six-pack will put on the mountain at a given time when Hunter is operating at peak capacity.

  2. Yo, Tony! I’m ridin’ a six pack!

    The last time I was there I was taken out big time skiing away from the old lift by gapers. Just imagine the crowd now.

  3. That was pretty slick. They set those towers rather quickly, as in once it got close to the ground, it was on the bolts fast. Looks like they’re upgrading some older towers? They took one down and reset a taller/beefer one on the same spot at the vids end.

    Hope those big crowds stay south! Harv, there’s a question for Mike, when will the towers on the 46er be set? People might wanna go watch it done if they had a heads up. Tailgate party?

  4. When we put this piece together a few days ago, that was my first question … how does this change uphill capacity? The response was “it doesn’t.”

    When I was working on the Gore Mountain Terrain Update, Mike and I were discussing upgrading the High Peaks Chair. He really wants to do it. It’s old, and while it’s a relatively simple device and reasonably reliable, parts are hard to get and at times have to be fabricated from scratch in a machine shop. I really don’t think the Dark Side can handle more uphill capacity. He agreed – he’d like to make it a quad, with the chairs spaced farther apart, and keep uphill capacity the same.

    Personally, I like a slower double with more chairs. I’d rather do my waiting looking at the views, than standing in line.

    SB: I proposed a similar video for helicopter day at Gore. But budgets are tight, and if a vid would cost anything, I’d say save it for snowmaking. Sorry for the drift.

  5. We could make our own vid of Gore chopper day. Sponge and I will drink beer and flip burgers while the camera crew works.

    If they change out the High peaks chair, please, please, please may it go to the very top of the hill!!! Such a slow ride could use the extra trail footage and maybe spead the skiers out more, Rumor, Chatiehawk, plus Upper Steil and top of Cloud have the best views up there. I like upper steil, just dislike climbing to it. That strip of woods between Cloud and Upper Steil could be laced with some skier herd paths and lil exit jumps, like a small park. Fun. Kids are starting to cut em now.

  6. Hunter Mtn Katterskill Flyer Is Not That Impressive.. It’s Extremely Slow and Very Bumpy, Absolutely 0 Protection From The Harsh Winter ❄️ Elements Of High Winds, Rain 🌧 Sleet, Snow. Horrible Loading System You STILL Have To Ski Out To Meet The Chair. Restraint Bars That Don’t Lock. On All Of Their Chairlift Fleet. It Just Goes To Show You How The New Owners Of Hunter Mtn Just Don’t Care 🤷‍♂️ When It Comes To Their Chairlifts. Take Some Lessons From Big Sky Resort Who Is Leading The Way To The Future Of New And Modern Super Fast And Safe Chairlifts With Dopplemyer D Line.

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