Hickory Ski Center Photo Tour

After Shawn Dempsey and I finished our conversation in the base lodge, we fired up the ATV and worked our way up the mountain.

Hickory Ski Center Poma

We started at the new beginner slope, checked out the old-style operation of Poma 1, went up to see the improvements on the T-Bar line. Then we inched our way up Ridge Run to the summit.

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3 comments on “Hickory Ski Center Photo Tour

  1. Howdy. Thanks for a trip down memory lane; the place looks as beautiful as I remember it.

    As a kid growing up in the Scotia area in the early 60s, my family did not ski. But somehow I was interested in it. I got my first pair of Head Skis with Cubco bindings for Christmas 1962. The neighbor kid, Anthony Romainia, taught me how to snow plow in the front yard down into the borrow ditch.

    That was good enough for another neighbor, Jack Todd, to include me in his weekly Saturday trip to Hickory Hill. He would load his two daughters, Nancy and Meredith, and myself into his Rambler Sedan and away we would go. We would be dropped off at the rope tow and left to our own devices. Meet back up at the end of the day was the only directive. Have at boys and girls! Great memories of freezing my butt off, struggling with the Poma Lift; but oh boy what a thrill. What a great place to learn to ski and grow up.

    Many thanks to you and Hickory Hill. May the snow dump on the hill soon!

    Alan Bressler
    Billings, Montana

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