Gore Mountain Postcard (Circa 1968)

Can you identify the exact location of all 5 pictures?

Gore Mountain Postcard 1968

5 comments on “Gore Mountain Postcard (Circa 1968)

  1. My guesses:

    Top left – top of north chair by Saddle Lodge

    Bottom right – bottom of Summit Chair (now shortened to the High Peaks Chair)

    Bottom left – guess is either Summit Chair or Straight Brook Chair, based on the direction the chair is turning (clockwise); I think the North Chair and Sunway Chair go the other way.

    Top right – Upper Darby? Huge guess, but it's narrow and seems to be high up based on the view of the mountains.

    Middle – no clue really! I know racing used to be on Twin Fawns, but I don't see a lift. Maybe Jamboree?

  2. Top Left: Agreed, top of old North Chair, by Pete Gay
    Bottom Right: Bottom of old North Chair
    Bottom Left: Old Hawkeye/Chatiemac chair, next to Red Gondola
    Top Right: High up on Steilhang
    Center: Sunway or Twister.

  3. Top Left: Probably the easiest of the Five – definitely top of the North.

    Bottom Left: I’d guess SB where it crosses Hawkeye. Looks too steep to be where the Summit/HP crosses Headwaters.

    Top Right: I’m going with the crossover between Upper and Lower Darby. (Near Cloud).

    Bottom Right: I agree with KC – bottom of the Summit Chair.

    Center… Twin Fawns sounds like a good guess. Anybody?

  4. About the bottom left, I was wrong about the direction of the North chair. But I think the comments about it being the Straight Brook chair are probably right. I'd think the part where the chair is parallel to headwall on Upper Hawkeye prior to the merge with Chatiemac where Hawkeye turns to the left. The Summit Chair does also have a steep portion though leading to to where it crosses Open Pit. For some reason the trees don't look right to me. Also, from the bottom right picture that I am more confident in being the Summit Chair, we see that at the time of the postcard (assuming pictures were taking at similar times), the Summit Chair was yellow. This chair is red, so it's probably a different chair. (Then again, the North Chair in the top left seems to have both red and yellow chairs.)

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